New year, new furry art! And what a start this has been in the world of furry art. We’ve got yet another week where some of the top picks were quite difficult to place.

How difficult? Why don’t you see for yourself, starting with the #7 pick:

7. Punch Out!

Starting off this week’s list is an older piece by Avencri that popped up on the furry subreddit if memory serves me right. And what an action pose to kick off the new year with! We’ve got a fierce punch thrown into the face of some unfortunate opponent, done in a dynamic pose.

It’s a great shot, and I feel the slanted angle helps add to the motion and ferocity of the punch. In addition, seeing a muscular female boxer is always great. Sure, the slim and lithe female fighter is tried and true, but we gotta give love the more realistic built fighter.

6. As A Mermaid

Traditional art is always welcome on this series – as well as mermaid anthros! I don’t think we’ve had any FURmaids on here for a while! However, there’s more than a simple author appeal going on with this piece. For example, check out the mermaid’s tail and notice some really nice designs of what I think is clothing. That’s a first, clothing on a mermaid’s tail.

There’s also a nice sparking added throughout the piece, and the shades of red and purple used blend really well. It makes a nice, visually appealing character. Set that against a lovely blue clamshell, and add a blue background, and you’ve got a nice advertisement.

5. Shadowbox Dancer

It’s not everyday that you see something quite so different in furry art. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like this.

Farellemoon came out this week with a “shadow box commission” featuring a traditionally-drawn canine that’s legit suspended by ribbon. At least, I’m sure it’s suspended – I don’t think any glue was used.

It’s such a unique approach to art in general – you don’t see something like this too often! The pose is fantastic and plays well with the concept, and the yellow fur, purple shorts, and glittery red ribbon all play very well with each other. Also, check out that bookshelf in the background. This is no small commission!

4. Ninja Chameleon

Spacecolonie returns us to the world of digital art with this cool drawing of the ninja chameleon, Espeo.

It’s neat seeing Espeo in what should be his natural element. I mean, has he ever even worn full-on ninja gear in any of the games? And only tossing shuriken doesn’t count! Speaking of weapons, check out that sword – the yellow swirls on the purple blade look pretty awesome in their own right. It also goes great with his yellow-trimmed gear and purple color.

I also really like the arrangement of the cherry blossoms, and how they’re blurred out. Really puts Espo front and center, in a sort of proverbial spotlight.

Don’t sneak off just yet! We’ve still got some honorable mentions to check out, starting with:

Some great picks going on with the honorable mentions this week! Now, let’s bike on over to the top three, starting with:

3. Ancient Rituals

Kicking off the top three is this haunting, beautiful piece by Istrandar. We have what looks like a ritual for what may be an ancient spirit of some kind. Though what sort of spirit I couldn’t honestly say – mythology is a bit of a weak spot for me.

There is quite a bit that goes into the haunting impression of this piece as well: for one, you have the blood being poured into the symbol on the grass; crows are flying about; and there’s the general design of the spirit being a skeleton made out of wood. Yet, there seems to be some semblance of emotion in the old wooden features of the spirit.

It has a very old fantasy feel to it – almost like those older Magic: The Gathering cards from the 90’s.

2. Sparkler

Taking the #2 spot is a late, but still great, festive pic by K Dromka. With superb lighting and some very stand-out colors, what’s there not to like? The dragon in the pic is also admittedly a little cute, too.

I don’t have too much to say about this one other than to take a good look at the execution of everything on it. I feel like what Dromka was trying to do came out so well. And the touch of gold on the beak and the golden crown add a nice regal feeling to things. Definitely a great way to ring in the new year!

And now, the first #1 pick of 2021 is:

1. New High Score

Coming in at #1 we’ve got newcomer Mylafox giving us a couple of protogens paying an arcade machine! I don’t think we’ve seen protegens to often in this series – as a quick refresher they’re an original species created by Malice-risu, and meant to be a sort of cyborg species. Their appearances can very quite a bit, though there are a certain set of “rules” when creating one.

These two protegen seem to be having a blast playing what looks like Polybus. In fact, there’s a few other arcade references such as Pac-Gem and Proto Invaders in the background as well.

The protegen duo alone would’ve set this as an easy top three piece with a cool design, cute expressions, and a good use of lighting to really sell that they’re in front of an arcade machine. However, Mylafox took this further, adding in a whole arcade for a backdrop. We’ve even got a few other furry friends and a claw game full of furry plushies. All of these elments come together and make this a real fun piece to look at.

Congratulations and well done, Mylafox! Your piece is the first #1 pick of 2021!

And that brings the first week of the first month of the first batch of furry art to a close. I told you this was quite the opening week! We even had a late New Year’s themed picture.

Of course, we’re not slowing down just yet with our furry art, so be here next week to see what other cool art we dig up!