Photo: © Channel 5. Source: DigitalSpy.

Last week was a bit of a funny week on Ramsay Street. The 35th anniversary is looming, and we’ve been promised some big shocks and even some special late-night episodes, so we’re now entering into that strange phase where all the big stories for that tentpole week are being set up. There’s obviously something with Finn brewing, and some of the familiar faces who are helping to mark the 35th anniversary began to return. The writers also threw in a bit of cat murder and nudity for good measure.

Finn is Unravelling

Finn is starting to have flashbacks to when he was the sort of man who locks three women in a shipping container, and it is surely a matter of time before he goes full evil again. We can tell he is losing his grip on his sanity because he is doing a lot of wincing and holding on to his head. I’m no psychologist, but I’m pretty sure that’s a definite sign that someone is going to go on some sort of improbable suburban crime spree, and I cannot wait for it to happen.

neighbours finn

Finn is unravelling. Photo: © Channel 5. Source: Digital Spy.

Harlow Killed Celementine

Harlow managed to reverse over Clementine the cat in a plot that served no other purpose than to advance the will they/won’t they romance of her and Hendrix a little bit. Maybe the poor cat actor had finally had enough of being aggressively cuddled by a semi-naked Hendrix and decided it was time to leave the show and try to crack America. Either way, the end result was a surreal cat funeral where Ned wore sunglasses because presumably, Ben Hall can’t cry on command.

Employment Law is Not a Thing in Erinsborough

Nobody gives a single hoot about employment law in Erinsborough. The ink is barely dry on the five-year manager’s contract that Chloe signed and she’s already been bullied out of the position by Paul and Lucy, who did everything in their power to undermine her and make her look bad, which I’m pretty sure is constructive dismissal. She might not have been cut out for the job, but she was destined to fail once the Robinson siblings combined their evil powers to make it happen. So Chloe is out and Terese is back in, even though Lassiters publicly promised in the wake of the hidden camera scandal that Terese would never work there again.

Meanwhile, Terese appears to have given Toadie approximately ten minutes’ notice that she was leaving the foundation before legging it out of there as fast as her stilettos could carry her.


Mark came back and he has a beard. Apart from that I can’t really figure out what the point of his visit is yet because all he seemed to be back for was to be sarcastic to Ned and then to do a spot of aiding and abetting in the case of Clementine’s murder.

It’s a very nice beard though.

neighbours roxy mark terese

Beard. Photo: © Channel 5. Source: Digital Spy.


There were a lot more butts in Friday’s episode than I was expecting. Roxy had the idea of running a naked brunch event at the Waterhole, and despite the fact that only Kyle, Aaron, Karl, Toadie and two of Toadie’s clients turned up, the Waterhole takings were apparently through the roof. There was a lot of excellent prop work to hide all the various bits and bobs, and some sterling innuendos involving bushes, eggplants and a whole lot of other stuff that I’ve since attempted to block from my memory.

If you need me I’ll be spending the next few days washing my eyes with bleach.