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Barry – Make the Unsafe Choice

When we catch up with Barry this week he is all set to kill the Chechens’ target, Paco, but gets a call from Noho Hank telling him to wait because they sent the Bolivians a bullet and they want it to have a dramatic effect. Pazar then tells Hank that their new assassin is set to come in, but that Barry still needs to finish the job. The Chechens are all very excited about who their new assassin is going to be, Stovka.


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After learning he has to wait to kill Paco, Barry goes to acting class where he struggles in creating a world to show the other people in his class. During class the detectives, having figured out Ryan’s connection to Pazar, come and want to talk to everyone in the class to see if they can figure out who killed the Chechens.

Stovko arrives and is told that once Barry comes back that he is to kill him and Fuches. When Fuches tries to talk him out of it, Stovko kills himself.

Sally goes for an audition, but is shaken when she learns the lead actress is going to be played by Liv, whom Sally once did a show with that never aired. Upset with with Liv’s success, Sally begins to cry during the audition.

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Barry goes back to Paco to keep doing the job and misses his opportunity as Sally calls to vent about Liv. Barry decides to go ahead and accelerate the kill so he can go hang out with Sally, which ends up with him strangling Paco.

When he gets to Sally’s they have sex and Barry is able to clearly see the world he was trying to create in acting class, but also sees the world he most desperately wants to leave behind.

I liked this episode quite a lot. I loved the adolcent way the Chechens were acting when they found out Stovko was going to come. Then when Stovko did come the exchange between him and Fuches is hilarious.

Photo Source: Barry, HBO

I would love to see Barry make more progress in his acting as well. Which we will get a chance to do as it has already been picked up for another season.

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