Well that’s certainly not what I was expecting.


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Last week on Scandal, David Rosen, of all people, revealed Olivia’s involvement in the escape of Rowan and Tom Larson. And after a terribly melodramatic scene that was only useful if you know how to read lips, we found out that Fitz forgave Olivia. Or did he? I have a sneaking suspicion that moving all of Liv’s things into The White House and assigning her a secret service detail was more to keep close watch over her, not to keep her safe. You could tell by the look on her face that she is not looking forward to this new living arrangement…but it’s better than the alternative, right?

Cyrus cannot be too pleased about this turn of events with Olivia, and we know Mellie is pissed about her “backing out” of their deal. Could this lead to them finally, like actually, teaming up? Or will Cyrus really remain “loyal to the President” forever?

We saw a real return of Jake’s dark side this week. I kind of like his dark side though, and boy did he tell off Liv. Again. How satisfying. I’m a little worried about what he’s reignited in Huck, though. I was actually beginning to tolerate him ever since he turned off his inner animal, but he seems to be back in full affect. If animal Huck results in the torture and/or death of Rowan Pope, though, I can’t complain.

Every week we inch closer and closer to shattering the adorable spirit that is Susan Ross. Whether the President’s asking her to put her foot in her mouth (which actually worked—what a great speech to the press) or she’s unsuccessfully flirting with David, I’m constantly afraid something’s going to make her crack. And the only shatter we’ll actual see or hear is a wine cooler hitting the floor when she walks in on David and Liz.

As usual, the “white hat plot” of the week was relatively unimportant. Unless the bombing of this Bandwari (I don’t even know??) facility will cause a war, which it could. So we’ll see.

And we’ll see what Huck does to Rowan.

On the next episode, which also happens to be the Winter Finale…so you know some sh*t’s gonna go down!