Maybe I should have started taking bets on this because I totally called this one. I also completely stand by this article title. Fan Fest Events is a joke and someone needs to nail this one into its coffin. As we reported on Saturday, Fan Fest was continuing to promote an event that was plagued with problems.

Fan Fest Events finally went on social media this morning to announce that the London event was indeed canceled five days before the event was actually scheduled to happen. This announcement came after the Excel Convention Center made its own post about the event being canceled and removed from its event list over the weekend. The link offered by Excel is a direct email link to Fan Fest Events. An email address that Fan Fest has given out to many fans, vendors, and media companies with no replies back AT ALL.

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Photo Source: Excel Convention Center

Obviously, this sent fans into a complete panic and the screams of “where are my returns?” to begin again.  Fan Fest continues to tell fans in the comments to wait and there will be more announcements later. Sorry guys, my eyes were rolling again at this level of complete bullshit.

Here is the official post as of this morning from Fan Fest Events for you to look at:

Manu Bennett, Deathstroke from the CW Arrowverse, has gone on Instagram this morning to call out the company and give updates from a celebrity’s point of view. He’s also asking that two other local comic con conventions MCM Comic Con and Showmasters Events to step up and honor Fan Fest tickets at their events. At the end of the day, these events are for the fans!

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What a load of b.s. James Frazier!!! You have been running a sham & lying to all concerned. FYI fans & I am so sorry for your losses but James has literally been using the images of us actors to sell his event tickets then using that ticket money to pay off prior debts. My agent was informed by James that he had spent the money & had nothing to pay either the Excel venue (this past Friday was the deadline) nor pay for any talent to attend. We have all been left high & dry. I make a personal plea on behalf of the fans to either @mcmcomiccon or @officialshowmasters who have shows coming up to come to the rescue here & honor the tickets of these betrayed fans for either of your events in the UK. For the sake of keeping dignity & respect of the comic con brand I believe this could be a win win sutuation. I joked earlier about the Fanfest becoming like the Titanic. Well when the Titanic sank a ship called “Carpathia” was in the nearest vicinity & its showing up saved many survivors from drowning. I believe @mcmcomiccon or @officialshowmasters could save these struggling fans & if it wasn’t for these fans there would be no comic cons or conventions as such. I think it’s pay back time & these fans need to know we’ve got their backs!!! What do you think @mcmcomiccon & @officialshowmasters can we throw these fans a lifeline?

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The Game of Nerds will continue to report about this company and it’s events so that our fans are aware. We strongly suggest you NOT buy any tickets from this event regardless of who is posted as “coming”. If you have purchased tickets and are looking for a refund, you can wait for Fan Fest to post about how it will deal with returns. But we suggest checking with the mode that you paid with. Paypal will refund after a certain amount of time, and credit card companies are already aware of this company. If you have a story about Fan Fest Events, we want to hear it!