We open to a car accident. Both parents are dead but the child survives. It was Julian Shea. Macy did, in fact, go to Aspen to be with him. Mel and Harry return from a rescue mission with Harry’s arm clawed. After they treat the wound black spots appear on Harry and he passes out shortly after. Maggie is in New Orleans with Jordan looking for someone specific. They seem to have found them and are going to a party tonight.

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Mel desperately tries to contact Mel. By the time Macy gets back Abigael is there which just rubs Macy the wrong way. Abigael wants to give Harry an antidote she is positive will work to cure Harry. The problem there is that if Abigael is wrong, the antidote will kill Harry. Mel sides with Macy and they draw his blood. Maggie and Jordan get to the party and are offered a glowing candy that will “open their minds” Jordan accepts but Maggie claims dietary issues.

In his stupor, Harry asks for Macy. Macy is trying to get access to the one machine that may help Harry. Julian’s aunt is the one bringing it to her. Viv accuses Macy of corporate spying and wants Macy gone from Julian’s life. Well, Jordan’s candy kicked in pretty quickly. He starts swaying with the crowd. It’s a resurrection. I am pretty sure that it is Dark Harry they are reviving. Do so, life force is being sucked out of the party-goers that took the candy which is everyone except Maggie. Back with Harry, his eyes start glowing orange, he grabs a spike and goes after Mel.

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Macy agreed to Viv’s terms and got the machine. Mel had already moved Harry to Abigael’s place. Right after Macy starts the analysis Maggie sends a distress call. Abigael promises to wait until the analysis was complete but she canceled it right away and gave Harry the antidote.

Does Harry survive? Does Jordan? Watch the episode and let me know what you think in the comments below. Til next week…