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***This post contains major spoilers for episode 3×12: “The Book of Markovia: Chapter Three: Motherless ID.” ***

97 days after being captured by the Markovian’s, Dr.Jace’s usefulness to them has about run its course after the capturing of Lynn Stewart. Dr.Jace tries to bond with Lynn, but she’s still not over her lying to her and Lynn attacks Dr.Jace. General Mosin comes in to inform Lynn that the ASA has been secretly drugging her with a green light.

Meanwhile, at the Sanctum, Jennifer is still not over the fact that everyone but her knew that Khalil was alive this whole time. Jennifer asks why they can’t just rip the chip out of him but its more complicated than that. Jennifer asks who TC is, but he’s the only guy that can help Khalil out right now. Jefferson gets an SOS from Lynn and he and Anissa head out to help.

Once Jefferson and Anissa get there it’s not Lynn but Sergeant Grayle. He informs them that Lynn has been kidnapped by the Markovian’s. Jefferson doesn’t trust Grayle at first but he’s open to giving him a second chance. After Grayle leaves, Jefferson admits to Anissa that Lynn is addicted to green light. Anissa is mad at Jefferson for not dealing with it after it just happened, but it’s not as simple as that. Anissa doesn’t want Jefferson to do this himself so offers to help bring her back from her addiction.

At the Sanctum, TC solves the root of the Painkiller program, but disabling it would leave Khalil brain dead. TC enters Khalil’s mind but Khalil is protecting itself from TC as if TC was a virus. Gambi and TC come up with a plan to use a firewall to free Khalil. Once TC goes back inside his mind again, Khalil attacks him like before but this time Jennifer uses her lightning to hold Khalil off and allow TC to lock him behind a firewall, freeing him from the chip.

Major Grey comes to Jefferson and Anissa to inform them that the Markovian’s have Tobias as well but Jefferson still says that they’re going to go after her. Major Grey tells Jefferson that he crushes it with these street-level thugs but he can’t take the Markovian’s himself. Grey offers to have them fight this together with some of her people. Jefferson doesn’t like this deal but finally accepts after they agree to have all his family wiped from ASA records after and once again granted immunity.

Jefferson comes to tell Jennifer about the situation with her mom and of course, she tells him she’s coming after he says she can’t. Jennifer zaps Brandon and tells her dad that he’s coming too. Gambi decides to come along to Markovia as well. Anissa tells Grace about the situation with her mom and Grace now wants to come. Anissa and Grace spar, but Grace convinces her to let her come as well.


Jefferson forms an unlikely alliance. (Courtesy of the CW)

Back in Markovia, Dr.Jace extracts Tobias’ bone marrow for Lynn and tells him that Mosin’s plans are to lobotomize him.

At the Pit, Major Grey watches one of her new subjects take down a bunch of agents. Dr.Blair watches the subject take down her agents and Major Grey asks if he added a suicide program just in case the meta is caught. He nods and eventually programs it into the chip inside the girl.

With Lynn going through extreme withdrawal, Dr.Jace really wants to help free her from her sickness and gives her methadone. This is all an act, however, Mosin has Jace under his finger, but warns Jace if she doesn’t get the formula, Jace will become the subject.

Jefferson and his team meet up with Major Grey and her crew, despite the bickering, the teams come together to come up with a plan.

Back at the Sanctum, Khalil still hasn’t woken up. TC goes back inside his mind to see what the problem is. When he gets back there he finds the real Khalil locked inside his bedroom. Khalil has basically locked himself inside his own room and doesn’t believe he can come out. Brandon tells Gambi that Jennifer can turn herself into pure energy and that she should go in there. Eventually, Jennifer goes into Khalil’s mind and they talk. He doesn’t think that this is all real but Jennifer tries to tell him that it is real. Khalil is suicidal after killing all these people including his mom, but Jennifer takes his hand and walks him straight out of his room. Once they get to the hallway, the Khalil trapped behind the firewall shows him all of the bad things he’s done. A conflicted Khalil eventually walks away with Jennifer and Khalil wakes up. Khalil is freaked out over having the chip in his head and is having a hard time with being made of poison, he can literally touch nobody without poisoning them. In the end, he tells Jennifer they can’t be together.


In probably the most heart-wrenching episode to date, Khalil is finally freed from his mind but he’ll never get back most of what the ASA did to him. After making him kill his own mother and go after the family of the girl he loved, Khalil is on the verge of living in his own solitude in his mind for the rest of his days. It took everything from Jennifer to free him and once he was freed he learned that touching anyone will poison them. Props to Jordan Calloway (Khalil) who acted the heck out of that scene. The build-up to this episode fantastic even though the pacing was off throughout the episode.

With Lynn being captured, it’s time for Jefferson to make an unlikely alliance with the ASA. What Jefferson and Anissa finally found out is that they are not in this thing alone. Both Jefferson and Anissa both tell Jennifer and Grace respectively that this far too dangerous but both of them digress and tell them that this fight is all of theirs. Next week’s episode is looking to be a truly remarkable episode with all the heroes, Brandon included, taking on the Markovian’s.