Episode 8

This gets you right in the feels on so many levels. Omni-Man explains the real history of his home planet which is much darker than the original tale he told Mark as a child. It’s a race of barbaric conquerors who murdered the weakest among their population. The strongest members of the race would take over any planet they could find, often by force, which is rude.

Omni-Man He tells his son that its time to work with him or against him. Mark wants to know why his father lied to him his entire life, Nolan tells his son that he couldn’t tell him the truth until he was sure he had powers

Mark is very angry and asks if his father would’ve still loved him or his mom. Nolan responds by comparing Deborah to a pet. Again. This guy is so rude.

Mark does not appreciate the disrespect.

He declares that his heritage is a bunch of nonsense and that Earth, its people, and his friends are his priority and he’ll do whatever it takes to protect them from Omni-Man. Nolan proceeds to completely destroy his own son. After a brutal punishment through the city where Omni-Man even puts his son through a train, Mark finally breaks down and is able to reach the very small human side of his father. Omni-Man retreats into space leaving the wreckage he caused behind.


  • The Immortal is dead again. Poor guy can’t catch a break.
  • The Mauler Twins can’t escape the law. Justice!
  • Rex finally cleans the blood off the wall.
  • Allen is back!
  • The Immortal is back. Again. Almost?