Super Bowl Sunday isn’t just for jocks anymore. Nerds have invaded the sacred sports ball space with commercials that some could argue are more entertaining than the game! No matter what, the Super Bowl is about more than just the big game. For some, it’s about puppies or kittens. Some people just want to watch the halftime show. And for others, the occasion is all about the crazy ads. And while I do have a soft spot for itty bitty puppers and kitties, I always find myself drawn to the Super Bowl ads. So, here are my top ads that aired during Super Bowl LIV!

  1. Marvel Studios, Disney+, “Big Game”
Marvel Super Bowl 2020

credit: Marvel

2. Doritos, “The Cool Ranch Long Form” feat. Lil Nas X and Sam Elliott

Doritos Super Bowl 2020

credit: Doritos

3. Pringles, “Rick and Morty Commercial”

Pringles Super Bowl 2020

credit: Grey Global Group Inc., Pringles

4. 2020 Hyundai Sonata, “Smaht Pahk” feat. Chris Evans, John Krasinski and Rachel Dratch

Hyundai Super Bowl 2020

credit: Hyundai

5. Jeep, “Groundhog Day” feat. Bill Murray

Jeep Super Bowl 2020

Did your fave not make the cut here? Hit me up on Twitter to talk about it!