Remember a few months ago when Queen Elizabeth II died? That was a sad day, even for those who weren’t British or Commonwealth citizens. It also would’ve been the perfect cannon fodder for South Park. Instead, this week’s episode goes after another royal, a certain Prince and his Wife who can’t seem to understand the idea of staying out of the spotlight. This is even though they keep insisting on their privacy.

Pick a lane, you two!

The Prince and His Wife

South Park, S26 Ep 2-The Queen is Dead
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Once again, to reiterate, the Queen of Canada is dead, and all Canadians, like Ike, have been in mourning…for the last four months. Ike won’t stop crying about it, and it’s getting on people’s nerves.

Meanwhile, someone else is getting on their fellow Canadian’s nerves: the Prince of Canada and his “Instagram-loving bitch-wife.” They keep bashing the Royal Family and complaining about wanting to live a normal life. So what do they do? They write a book bashing the Royal Family and how bad the Prince’s life was and wanting to live a normal life. 

South Park, S26 Ep 2-Respect Their Privacy
Source-Twitter, South Park

You see the hypocrisy here? It’s clear that Matt and Trey’s team doesn’t think too highly of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, and they make it known in the funniest way possible. They even mock Prince Harry’s “Spare” autobiography with the Prince of Canada’s own book, “Waaagh.” That alone sums up what many people think of Prince Harry and Meghan right now: “Why are they still trying to get our attention? Why are people still caring about this?”

It gets even crazier when the royals decide to bail on Canada and move to South Park. Right across from Kyle’s house, where they insist that people not pay attention to them and respect their privacy…while playing the drums, polo, and launching fireworks. It drives Kyle up the wall, and he drives everyone else up the wall by not shutting up about them. It’s a vicious cycle, and it’s hilarious. Confusing because I don’t understand why people are paying attention to this, but funny.

Meanwhile, Kyle’s encouraged by Butters to get professional help for his “brand,” or how people perceive him. And the business he consults keeps insisting that his “brand” has him playing the victim.

It didn’t take long for me to figure out what South Park was trying to say.

Stop Caring About What Other People Think About You!

So, after trying to rebrand himself like that business suggested (and ignoring the Prince), Kyle does a 180 when he sees how it’s turned Butters into a jerk who trash-talks women for no reason. When he confronts said business about the harm they’ve called, he finds the Prince and his Wife trying to rebrand themselves. As a result, Kyle finally figures out the problem everyone’s having: they care too much about what others think of them. 

In essence, South Park is trying to say they think that Prince Harry’s trying to live a normal life. However, he acts like he still wants to be in the spotlight, making everyone call him out as a hypocrite, making him play the victim card. It’s a vicious, self-destructive cycle, and Kyle says everyone needs to break it. And it works. Everyone stops caring about how others think they should act and decide to be themselves.

This led to the funniest joke in the episode. While the Prince gets the Aesop, his Wife acts like this robot that’s shut down because this is all she knows how to do. It was hilarious!

South Park, S26 Ep 2-The Prince's Wife Has Nothing Inside
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Pick a Lane, Your Highness

So, what’s the point of all this? Why would South Park bash Prince Harry and Meghan Markle besides for the LOLs? No reason. They think that if Harry really wants his privacy, then do it. Live a normal life away from his family. He may have been born royalty, but he’s allowed to walk away for good if he wants it that badly. The Prince of Canada does it (and leaves his Wife), so why can’t Harry?

Fans loved this episode of South Park. I never paid attention to the Prince Harry drama, so I didn’t care. And I’m perfectly fine with that.

South Park, S26 Ep 2-The Normal Guy
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I Give “The Worldwide Privacy Tour” a 4/5