American Gods Season 2 Episode 5 “Ways Of The Dead”

Shadow wakes from a weird dream only for it to chase him into waking and causes a vision of death. Mr. Wednesday is off to do and see people by himself leaving Shadow with Mr. Ibis after he pisses on Yggdrasil. Shadow is plagued with visions of Froggy. The visions are filled with anger, hate and death.

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Mad Sweeney made it to New Orleans as did Laura. Laura looks much better but needs a more permanent solution to being dead. They met Samedi and Briggete to hopefully resurrect Laura. The price is her truth. Laura and Mad Sweeney are at the bar after hours and it seems as though Laura’s condition is improving.

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Mr. Wednesday meets up with the Jinn and Salim. They give his spear and gt in the car with him. Ruby from last episode lost her brother Jamarr in this one whereas she lost her grandmother in the last. She wants to leave Cairo with Bliquis. Bilquis is going to stay in Cairo for a while

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Is Mad Sweeney in love with Laura? Is Laura brought back to life? Tell me what you thought of this episode in the comments below. Til next week…


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