01×17 – “Turn, Turn, Turn”. 02×17 – “Melinda”. 03×17 – “The Team”. LET’S DO THIS.

Rocketing through the sky in a quinjet, Daisy is complaining that they aren’t going fast enough; they have two more stops to make before they go to rescue the team. At stop one in Miami, José Gutierrez is inviting a handsome fella up to the roof to see the sights. At stop two in Bogotá, Elena Rodriguez is practicing her English as she waits at a bus stop. Receiving a blinking S.H.I.E.L.D. logo on their watches, both Secret Warriors abandon their respective activities and prepare for extraction.

On the quinjet, Daisy and Lincoln brief Joey and Yo-Yo for the plan – there isn’t really one. All they know that HYDRA took their friends, they know where, and they know how to get in. Joey asks when they land and – well – that’s the thing. As Daisy delivers on final inspirational message to her fledgling team, she suits up and leaps out of the plane.

At the HYDRA base, Gideon and Hive meet with Giyera. He explains that he took the plane, and sent in a team led by Lucio to sweep the agents out. On the Zephyr One, while defending themselves from HYDRA agents, Fitz and Mack carry an extremely injured May to the room where Coulson and Simmons have set up a “last stand” sort of safe base. As Mack barricades the door, Simmons starts tending to May’s wounds, while Coulson and Fitz start searching the room for weapons – but little do they know, the Secret Warriors have just blasted a hole in HYDRA’s base.

Barking orders like a true leader, Daisy forms the game plan – Lincoln and her will split up and go solo, while Yo-Yo and Joey will take the elevator. In the elevator, Yo-Yo (“Slingshot!”) and Joey (“Meltdown”?) chat about things, such as Joey’s ruined date and how many guards they think are on the other side of the elevator door. They take out a half-dozen guards with Inhuman ease as Daisy (“Quake!”) spots the Zephyr from a computer room and begins doing what she does best. In a nearby hallway, Lincoln (“Sparkplug?”) is making an art of out fighting with electricity, before tossing a soldier through a hidden glass door and discovering Gideon Malick.

As the S.H.I.E.L.D. gang tries to fight off Lucio and his soldiers by pumping chlorine gas under the door using assorted objects, Daisy finishes hacking open the hangar door and says “Guys, I’m coming to you”. Meanwhile, the other Secret Warriors are loading Gideon onto the Zephyr, and Joey gets taken out by a flying monkey wrench.

Now, that’s a workplace safety hazard, HYDRA!

The airborne wrench was propelled, of course, by our resident HYDRA ferrokinetic, Mr. R. Giyera. Daisy appears in a dramatic fashion and blasts him away, and the Warriors continue loading up Malick – until Lucio shows up and petrifies Lincoln with his gorgon stare. They can’t catch a break, can they? Using his powers, Joey melts a pipe into a shank and promptly stabs Lucio in the heart without even thinking.

In their crowded room, S.H.I.E.L.D. is running out of options and the barricade won’t last long. As soon as Fitz is instructed to shoot everything that comes that door, we hear a light knocking and Mack calls a ceasefire – it’s Yo-Yo and the Secret Warriors to the rescue! She practices her little English to flirt with Mack and it’s cute, but it’s time for business. May decides she’s going to fly them out of there, despite the fact that she can hardly walk. As Giyera and Hive watch them fly away, Giyera laments that they got away and HYDRA gained nothing. Hive claims this isn’t true – because now they have an agent on the inside.

What? Who?

In the locker room, the Warriors are changing (co-ed?) and celebrating a successful mission, in which Yo-Yo is recounting her and Joey’s half with excited detail. Her adrenaline was so high, in fact, she didn’t notice a large cut on leg. Lincoln thanks a clearly shaken Joey for saving him back there, and Daisy mentions that Coulson is interrogating Malick as they speak.

In the interrogation room, first thing is first – what is inside Grant Ward’s body? Instead of answering the question, Malick recounts a story about his daughter Stephanie riding horses. He then reveals that Hive – the thing he worshipped – had killed her. They brought back a god; just not theirs.

In the inventory, Lincoln is playing with the Kree orb, pondering it’s purpose. Daisy tells him to check it in, along with the Terrigen crystals. This starts another Lincoln/Daisy argument about how Lincoln hides too much from her. They make up, and Lincoln tells Daisy to check up on Joey, who’s a little off after his first murder.

Mack is walking Yo-Yo through the base, explaining their history and showing off his new Spanish skills to her (which is adorable). Yo-Yo laments her nickname and claims it is Mack’s fault, and that she will get her revenge. They flirt a bit, and Mack shows her the weapons stash. Some Icers, some splinter bombs.

In the lab, as Fitz and Simmons notice that the deceased Lucio is still exhibiting natural body heat, they decide to quarantine his corpse until further notice and wheel it off. A bed-ridden May and her doctor Lincoln watch this, confused and intrigued.

Still trying to make Malick crack, Coulson explains to him that Hive isn’t a God – he’s a parasite. He even calls him Hive for the first time, derived from the latin “Alveus”. Malick reveals that Hive can infect Inhumans and make them join the hivemind. Coulson questions the validity of his statement, considering he’s the head of HYDRA – but Malick says he doesn’t need to believe him. He sent four Inhumans in to fight Hive and now they’re in his base; he will find out soon enough. As Coulson leaves the interrogation vault, the Secret Warriors are looking mighty suspicious. He orders Mack to quietly put the base on lockdown.

In his office, Coulson is talking through the issue with Fitz, Simmons, and Mack. While they don’t know if Malick can be trusted, they have no way of testing for Hive’s influence and no valid excuse to put the Warriors in quarantine. Fitzsimmons decide to start examining Lucio’s body to see if there are any telltale signs of infection, and Daisy shows up. Things get quiet and awkward as Coulson lies and says the base is locked down as a security measure while Malick is in custody. Daisy tells him about Joey, and he says he will check in on him.

In the lab, Daisy is relaying the lie to Lincoln and Yo-Yo, who is upset that she can’t leave. She is clearly not as impressed with the bureaucratic side of S.H.I.E.L.D. as she is with the action side. Lincoln and Daisy discuss the fact that they can’t find Joey, and then Lincoln goes to give May her pain meds. May stubbornly refuses, and Daisy tells Lincoln to meet her in her room so she can talk to May. Daisy and May chat a bit, and Daisy reveals that she thinks Coulson is lying to her and her team.

In the interrogation vault, Coulson asks Malick why he brought back Hive. Malick explains that he thought he was resurrected a God and got the devil. He has clearly lost all faith in HYDRA, and is still haunted by the vision of his dead daughter. Coulson explains that his love for Rosalind turned to hatred when she died, and he used it for revenge to murder Grant Ward – he tells Malick to let his love for Stephanie become hatred so he can seek revenge. Malick protests that he is a God, and Coulson utters the super cool line, “I’ve met gods. Gods bleed.” Malick reflects on the fact that he is now working with S.H.I.E.L.D. of all organizations, and agrees to cooperate.

As Mack watches the security feed, Joey and Lincoln are arguing, Daisy is in the shooting range, and Elena appears to be zipping away and returning to her spot faster than you can blink. Apparently forgetting her powerset, Mack dismisses this as either the monitor or his eyesight. May approaches and tells Mack the Inhumans are getting antsy and asks what the hell is going on.

In quarantine, Simmons and a grossed out Fitz are performing a brain bisection on Lucio. However, once they remove the skin and skull, they find that there is clear visual evidence of his brain being infected by Hive.

May and Mack call a pissed-off Coulson out of interrogation to tell him the bad news – Fitzsimmons were able to confirm that Malick was not lying about the infection, and surveillance is not working. They agree to quarantine the Warriors, but telling them is too dangerous – Coulson decides they need to Ice them and tell them when it’s safe. Suddenly, the power goes out. As Mack runs to the arsenal and prepares the Icers, he notices a Diviner splinter bomb is missing.

As Fitz and Simmons are going to fix the outage, Simmons notices a glow coming from Malick’s interrogation chamber – which is open. As they push open the door, they notice a Diviner bomb right next to Malick’s bloody corpse. It goes off, blasting them back in the shockwave and disintegrating any evidence  that Gideon Malick ever existed.

R.I.P. Gideon Malick. You were a fine villain and another movie-to-show character gone too soon.

Coulson comes to help, and tells them the plan. Lincoln shows up and offers to help the injured Simmons, but Fitz pushes him off. Daisy arrives, concerned about the blast, and Coulson tells them both to go to the common area. When they start questioning, he orders them to go. Meanwhile, Mack has captured Yo-Yo, and no one knows where Joey is. Coulson explains that Hive can sway Inhumans, and they believe one of her team to be a traitor. As tensions rise and Yo-Yo pulls a gun on Mack, Daisy pulls the Warriors into the common area, where Joey was already hiding out, and they barricade themselves in.

The Secret Warriors start arguing among themselves, trying to understand what’s going on. Suddenly, everything looks really suspicious – Yo-Yo’s mysterious cut on her leg and her scoping out of the base. Joey’s bizarre behavior and his disappearance. Lincoln playing with the Kree orb in the inventory and the power outage. Daisy’s hatred for Malick and her lying to the team. Outside the room, S.H.I.E.L.D. is monitoring closely – if they are arguing, that means they’re not all turned, but they may need to pump in sleeping gas shortly. Coulson orders May to search their bunks and lockers.

As fighting in the common area almost comes to blows, Daisy decides they need to escape so they can discuss this on their own terms before S.H.I.E.L.D. breaks in. She tells them about Coulson’s old service elevator. As S.H.I.E.L.D. starts breaking down the door, they decide to go.

As Mack, Fitz and Simmons are searching lockers, Fitz complains that they don’t even know what they’re looking for. As Mack looks in an agent’s backpack, he claims that they do now; he’s found the traitor.

Daisy leads the team through the service corridor into a containment room, where Coulson is waiting and locks it down immediately. She apologizes, but said she had to make the call until they know who is infected. Coulson reveals that they do know who was infected by Hive:

Dr. Lincoln Campbell.

Lincoln’s old rage issues start bubbling up as Coulson explains that they’ve found the Kree orb in his backpack, taken from the assets room. Lincoln denies everything, claiming he was nowhere near Hive. Coulson points out that while he wasn’t near Hive in the HYDRA base, Lincoln had a visual on Ward while Daisy was fighting Malick on the roof of the Transia Corporation, two episodes ago – he’s been betraying them the whole time. As Yo-Yo moves to subdue Lincoln, he electrocutes her. Coulson reaches for his gun, and he zaps him too. As he races Joey for the tablet to unlock the door, Daisy seismically tosses him against a wall, knocking him out.

As Daisy feels useless in her own containment cell, Coulson gives her a speech about being a leader. As Yo-Yo is escorted to her cell, Mack tries to talk to her, calling out “Yo-Yo” – but she coldly responds, “My name is Elena”. Joey, once so excited to be on the team, expresses his desire to leave S.H.I.E.L.D. as soon as the test results come back.

In the cutest scene in the episode, Fitz and Simmons are going over and over non-lethal options of how to test for the infection, and can’t seem to come to a satisfactory conclusion. As she stares at a picture of the cosmos, Simmons asserts that one day they will find something in space that is magnificent and isn’t trying to kill or infect them. Fitz scoffs and claims that Hive couldn’t even get off a desert planet without their help. Simmons expresses her desire to just help their friends and lays her head on his shoulder. They interlace fingers, and then kiss. Fitz apologizes – they were supposed to “start over” and it’s too soon. Simmons tells him it’s been ten years and they can’t waste any more time – their friends keep getting torn apart and she can’t let that happen to them again. Fitz vows to not let it – he then says that he doesn’t need space, because he has something magnificent right here.


He then goes on to describe his magnificent picture of space, one of his most priced possessions, as a laughing Jemma kisses him.

Lincoln is quietly sitting in his room, when the door opens. Suddenly Daisy is at the airlock, telling him that she believes him and she’s here to break him out. Lincoln, finally coming around as a character, refuses to just walk away from S.H.I.E.L.D., which Daisy is keen to do for them to be together. Lincoln questions how Daisy got out of her cell, and she points out that she designed the security system. He starts getting a really bad feeling.

In a nearby hallway, Lincoln (“Sparkplug?”) is making an art of out fighting with electricity, before tossing a soldier through a hidden glass door and discovering Gideon Malick. In the computer room, Daisy is almost finished opening the hangar door when she turns around and encounters Hive. Before she has time to react, he releases his spores, which she inhales through her eyes. She tells him that she has to return to the base, as S.H.I.E.L.D. has something they need. Daisy finishes hacking open the hangar door and says “Guys, I’m coming to you”.

Holy shit.

In Lincoln’s pod, he’s trying to keep his rage under control as he tells the fallen agent that’s she sick. She tells him that she’s happier than she’s ever been – that Hive has filled the void that Daisy and Lincoln have been missing, and it’s beautiful. Lincoln is repulsed by this, saying that people are dying.

They agree to quarantine the Warriors, but telling them is too dangerous – Coulson decides they need to Ice them and tell them when it’s safe. Suddenly, the power goes out. The door to Malick’s interrogate chamber opens, and Malick immediately understands what is about to happen – after all, he saw it in a vision. Daisy uses her seismic waves to crush Malick, causing him to essentially crumple in on himself. She plants a splinter bomb and walks away. As Fitz and Simmons are going to fix the outage, Simmons notices a glow coming from Malick’s interrogation chamber – which is open.

An angry Lincoln (correctly) accuses Daisy of framing him. She apologizes, saying it was the only way to make S.H.I.E.L.D. stand down, and with Lincoln’s anger issues, it seemed to fit. She has already started talking in the “royal we”. Lincoln is furious and refuses to have anything to do with her. She leaves.

Daisy breaks into the assets room and takes the Kree orb and all the Terrigen crystals. She walks into the aircraft hangar, uses a shockwave to break the door, and then slowly walks out of the base as she casually destroys it with an earthquake, all while a creepy evil version of the “Quake” theme plays. Everyone looks around horrified, and Coulson realizes what has happened – but it’s too late. As she exits the base, she smiles.

SkyeWard returns!

In the HYDRA base, Giyera suggests they move somewhere safe – he is worried that Malick will come after them. Hive isn’t concerned, as he already knows Malick is dead. Next on the HYDRA docket is to find “Skye”. Giyera tells Hive that since Gideon is dead, some of his funds have been made immediately available – roughly $960m. They decide it’s time to put the money to good use.

Wow, what an episode! Not since Ward’s betrayal in “Turn, Turn, Turn” or Daisy’s transformation in “What They Become” have we had an episode quite like this. Throughout the episode, my guess as to who the traitor was changed often – but never did I consider Daisy as a serious candidate. I loved Joey and Yo-Yo, I loved the chemistry, the suspense, everything. Even Lincoln got to show off some great acting chops. If this episode isn’t a 10/10, I don’t know what is.

Crackpot Theories and Speculation

There’s too much swimming in there after this episode to put into words. Give me a week!