As seen in the previous episode, Sabrina confronts Ms.Wardwell about her snooping in her life. Her explanation for placing a scrying spell on her mirror was so that she could fulfill her Father’s wishes. I guess Sabrina’s father didn’t have too much faith in Hilda and Zelda because he requested that she would look after Sabrina as well. We also found out that she was a former secretary of her father. Even though she has had a former relationship with Sabrina’s father, I still sense that she has a sort of grudge towards her father. I didn’t even doubt her having a former romantic relationship with him. You know how those “secretaries” can be (more than just a secretary). In this episode, it did, in fact, reveal that the body owner of Ms.Wardwell has fallen in love with Sabrina’s father. We know the relationship couldn’t have been too good because he married a mortal and birth a half-witch child. Most of Sabrina’s family use her parents to their advantage as a way to manipulate her into being who everyone wants her to be. I admire her strength against all of her family members and with peers. Nevertheless, I find Ms, Wardwell very persuasive in her efforts to guide Sabrina into the path of night. Often times her sneakiness is recognizable, but if she is “The Mother Of All Demons” she is more powerful than what she seems to be. I hope that her true intentions have nothing to do with eventually harming her to get back at her father.

Also in this episode, we got an insight on the special job assigned Zelda. Of course, she was honored to do anything for Father Blackwood that might put her back in his good graces. Zelda is the midwife to father to Mrs.Blackwood. In the fourth episode, we saw Father blackwood express his concerns about Mrs.Blackwood having a successful pregnancy because she has miscarried before. While caring for Mrs.Blackwood, Zelda reveals that the pregnancy indeed will be successful. Like many couples who are ready to start a family, but they don’t want to get too excited about birthing a child of night and it turns out that it can’t happen. I find it ironic how he chose Zelda Spellman to monitor his wife when she runs a Mortuary. I thought it was crazy how she is being trusted with life when she makes arrangements for the dead. I’m not sure if its because they are mortal, but I still wouldn’t trust the lady with an unborn child after watching her have a dream about serving a plump child of the night. Plus her guardianship over Sabrina isn’t the best either, so she is definitely not the nurturing type. I fear for Constance and her seed, but who knows she might surprise us with her softer side again.

While her aunts her tended to their witch duties, Sabrina was notified by their friends that their reality is being altered by a strange beast from the mines. We already know that Harvey has a fear of the mines from seeing a stranger beast down there as a kid, but in this episode, we saw how his friends reacted. Sabrina later found out that Susie’s uncle Jesse isn’t just sick, he was possessed. Whatever Harvey saw in the mines when he was younger has to be a demon. I figured since Harvey has already been exposed to a demon, it would be easier for Sabrina to try to tell him the truth again. We know that the first time she told him, she had to kiss him so that he would forget. At least if she told him the truth this time, he would be more accepting because he would know that he isn’t crazy. The demon the possessed Uncle Jesse told Sabrina that his name was Maearcei, but she later found out that his real name is Apophis, a devouring worm that kills. Her aunts ensure Sabrina, that he is a less threatening demon, but she wanted to bring back Susie’s uncle. In order to do so, she had to perform an exorcism which is forbidden by the church of night. The exorcism got rid of the worm, but Jesse Putnam passed from heart failure. The Spellman’s feared that the demon exposed a coven. Although Zelda doesn’t like intervening in mortal affairs, I’m glad she was a team player.