Here we see the stupidest moment of the show. Madison is fucking stupid and I can’t sugar coat it. Photo Credit: Fear the Walking Dead/AMC

In what I believe the first time this second half of the season we get to see someone from all three of the scattered groups, we did not see Chris, which I don’t find to be a loss of any kind.

We find out what the runaway Ofelia is up to. She actually showed that she had some skills besides being worthless or using her physical attributes to get something. She went back, or went to a restaurant, I can’t really tell if it was the same or something similar. We got a flashback and see that she could have been married but instead chose family over a spouse. I like knowing a bit more about her, but not sure what the end game of this is, I was pleased to see that she had the ability to siphon gas from other vehicles and had glimpses of a use able skill set. We do know that she is taking the trip back to America.

Nick and Luciana are working together to figure out what they are going to do going forward. They are starting to feel unsure about Alejandro and the oxy trades. But they are interrupted by the news that one of Alejandro’s top men has left the compound with his family. This is always a worry as people leave a protected area that someone might find them and get information on where they are leaving from.

The bandits are getting more desperate for medicine and have started venturing out to look for the compound. They end up finding the family and take them back to the warehouse for interrogation. It is happening it what was likely the managers office upstairs that overlooks the store. More on this later.

Back at hotel hell, Eileen, the mother of the wedding group because it’s hard to remember the name of someone not doing anything, stabs Strand in the stomach because she is weak. She got mad at him for “killing her daughter”, which obviously wasn’t her and she just can’t cope correctly in this situation, it had to be done, it was the right thing. After a council meeting of main characters Eileen is put on permanent time out and Madison makes a no fighting rule in the hotel. The history in these situations says that won’t be a good idea, it is never wise to make a rash decision to one end of the spectrum.

During all the madness the hotel gets electricity and the ice machine operational, this is important for a lot of reasons but Madison and Elena take ice chests full of ice and fresh fish to trade with the thugs at the warehouse store. They are told to wait and not move as someone grabs the items on the list, Madison hears someone being interrogated and thinks she hears something about another compound and someone who she thinks sounds like Nick. So after being told to stay where they were and not move, in a warehouse full of thugs, Madison takes off running and storms right in the middle of an interrogation. Asks a bunch of questions, and tries to get the people being interrogated that they should just give up the information she wants because she is a mom looking for her son and it will be all OK. It’s not like they are hostages being interrogated by a bunch of thugs or anything. I’m surprised she didn’t get shot to be quite honest.

I don’t even know what to say. But it gets worse. After getting back to the hotel off screen, Madison makes the dumbest decision of this series to date, she immediately uses the electricity to turn on the big illuminated light on the largest hotel around in an attempt to attract Nick.

Alicia being the absolute smartest one of the main group goes to figure out what she is thinking. Telling her it is a bad idea and why is she putting everyone in danger for Nick when he made the choice to leave the group himself. Why isn’t she good enough as she has always been right there by her side. Alicia laid a big truth bomb in Madison’s lap, nothing she told her was wrong, it just seems Madison is to stubborn to notice it.



This was my reaction to the entire series of events with Madison. I’m so over her, so let’s do a quick rundown of how utterly stupid this is.

1.) The bandits who somehow didn’t kill you but what seems out number and have more arsenal will see it.
2.) Unseen or unknown groups who would love to take a big setup and electricity like a hotel.
3.) Walkers, lots and lots of walkers.
4.) Other survivors who will see it as a better option and will try to come and use up more resources.
5.) Nick and his group for better or for worse might see it yes, which is the original intention. 1 out of a zillion isn’t bad right?

We see at the end that Travis happens to somehow see it and be a short distance away, I guess they drove in a circle in the desert. So it’s looking like Travis will find his way back to the main group, sans Chris who didn’t appear to be traveling with Travis at this last clip. 2 episodes left this season, I hope they don’t just instantly loop everyone back together for no real plot reasons.