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***This post contains major spoilers for episode 3×9: “The Book of Resistance: Chapter Four: Earth Crisis,” and DC’s cross-over event, “Crisis on Infinite Earths,” read at your own caution.”***

Crisis has begun on other earths, but on this earth, Jennifer is having her own, personal crisis. Jennifer doesn’t know who to trust anymore. O’Dell, her father, Anissa, she’s just really confused on who’s right and who’s wrong with everything going on in Freeland.


As Red Skies approach, Jennifer gets affected by the Anti-Matter. (Courtesy of the CW)

Word has finally come out on the news that Freeland is under quarantine for a sars outbreak and that anti-vaxers are the one’s starting the resistance. Black Lightning, Blackbird, and the rest of resistance know that the ASA will be coming after them hard after Franklin Terrace.

Agent O’Dell, again monitoring Jennifer, interrupts her to give her a little speech and pep talk. Jennifer is already on the fence about helping him after killing all the people on that data farm. Jennifer is feeling terrible about taking all those lives and O’Dell (who’s been listening to her message to her sister) tells her that the time to pick a side is fast approaching.

Jennifer goes to Anissa’s to talk to her. As she’s sitting on the balcony, she asks Anissa’s smart house for some Travis Scott, before the red skies show up. O’Dell tells her not to go out there. Jennifer eventually passes out and when she wakes up she’s surrounded by two other Jennifer’s from 2 other earths.

One Jen is from Earth One, and is being controlled by O’Dell with a collar after she changed the water to take away everyones meta-powers in Freeland. On Earth One, Anissa isn’t publicly out yet and Khalil was never injured. Jefferson had been running an Underground Railroad with Reverend Holt and after being caught, Jefferson was shot and killed by the ASA. This Jen is really angry at herself for not listening to her father, now she’s stuck in an ASA cell and nobody visits her. Her mother finally visits her to talk to her and makes Jennifer feel better, telling her she did the one thing her father could never do and that she saved Freeland.

While in real time, Anissa and Gambi are checking Jennifer’s vitals with her passed out on the table. Everyone comes to help Jen and Gambi’s theory is that they are dealing with parallel earths. Anissa thinks the ASA is responsible for the red skies, because they can bring people back from the dead, like Khalil. Lynn sides with Jefferson in thinking they can help Khalil.

On Earth 2, Jen or Jinn as she’s called, is way more rebellious. Jinn has been working hand and hand with O’Dell being his right hand woman. Jefferson tries to persuade her to stop working with O’Dell but this Jen never listened to her father and doesn’t want the normal life that the other Jen’s wanted. Jinn has no remorse and kills all the metas until she’s the only one left. On this Earth, the ASA won the war. The Pierce family thinks they can help Jinn, but Jinn keeps disrespecting them.The family finally attacks her, and she kills her father repeating back his by any means necessary speech.

O’Dell assumes that Jefferson is going to attack the pit and release the detainees. O’Dell decides to weaponize the detainees with Green Light even though they haven’t been trained.

The 3 Jenn’s reconvene and Jinn and our Jenn fight each other. Jenn is obviously stuck between the 2 other Jenn’s. She realizes that one of the Jenn’s has too much power and let O’Dell turn her into a weapon. To the other Jenn, powers are gift, she should never get rid of them. As they continue to argue over which one is correct, a wave of ant-matter wipes out the two other Jenn’s as Black Lightning is transported right before the wave hits as well.

*** Major Spoilers for Crisis on Infinite Earths ***

***Do not read on if you don’t want to know what happens to Black Lightning on Crisis on Infinite Earths.***

After being transported by the Monitor before his world is destroyed, Black Lightning arrives to help the other heroes on Earth One. Jefferson finds out that his world has been destroyed along with his family. He teams up with The Flash on the wave-rider and The Flash lets him know that things are going to be alright. After not being able to save Earth One, the seven paragons keep themselves alive by traveling to the Vanishing Point. In the final hour, in the battle with the Anti-Monitor, Black Lightning resurfaces and teams up with Mick Rory (Heat-Wave) and Caitlin (Killer Frost). With Oliver Queen as the Spectre, they are able to defeat the Ant-Monitor and in doing so they created a new multiverse.

As all the heroes wake up after the battle, they try to get back to their normal lives but things have changed. At the DEO, Lex Luthor now runs the organization and after the Weather Witch attacks, Supergirl goes to save the day when she is met by The Flash, who now shares the same earth. The heroes meet at an abandoned S.T.A.R labs site where they say some words for Oliver (The Green Arrow). Jefferson is invited and although he never knew him, he says he seemed like a good dude. At the end, Barry (The Flash) comes up with an idea to form a team for these big crisises, giving everyone their own seat at the table. This new team, while not called the Justice League, consists of The Flash, Batwoman, Supergirl, Superman, Martian Manhunter, White Canary, and Black Lightning, while the Green Arrows chair at the table remains empty.


While not part of the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover, “Earth Crisis,” was nothing more than a filler episode that A) shows us Jennifer’s dilemma and how she is going to deal with it the rest of the season, and B) sets the stage for Black Lightning to show up in Crisis at the end of the episode. Having Jennifer meet two of her doppelgängers had the potential of being a really fun concept, but the stakes didn’t end up being too high with the whole fate of the multiverse at stake in Crisis. By meeting her two doppelgängers, Jennifer now realizes the power she holds and now knows by going too far in each direction will only bring pain. Evil Jinn had some great lines, making fun of Anissa for having to hold her breath when she fights and repeating her dads any means necessary speech back to him as she killed him. With the show on hiatus for a month, I don’t think it was the best episode to leave on but with the new status quo set up in Crisis on Infinite Earth’s it will be interesting to see where Black Lightning goes from here.