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Summer Friday”

The whimsy of “Younger” belies the strength and showcasing of its protagonists’ career ambitions. Week after week, Kelsey and Liza’s ability to find the next great book and highlight their imprint, Millennial, is in full effect. It’s a happy play by Darren Star and the writers’s room and it helps show that the actors are not one note.Last week’s episode brought forth that notion that one shouldn’t necessarily sleep where they work. Kelsey’s new writer boyfriend Colin’s novel is an overwritten, dystopian-zombie saga that’s 800+ pages. There’s potential in it-confirmed by Liza-and Chelsea enlists the help of her literary agent frenemy Redmond, to get Colin the best possible deal.After oversharing details about Colin’s novel to EW online (while garnering publicity for Millennial), Kelsey and Liza are outbid for Colin’s book by another publishing company. It’s a harsh blow but an important lesson for young CEO-in-training, Kelsey. During the entire situation, Liza lends a helpful ear but stays very low-key when asked for her biography by EW. The life she must lead somehow always precludes her from advancing her career too quickly.On the Liza/Josh front, Josh is feeling a certain type of way when Liza tells him she’s tried mostly *everything* with her ex-husband. His semi-disillusionment with not being Liza’s “first” for anything is palpable-and Liza knows it. Coming to a decision, she lets Josh design a tattoo for her and actually gets it on her hip. It’s a small concession…One that may not satisfy Josh in the long haul.

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