Episode is all about Negan. Photo Credit: Kathy White

As the show does the slight recap to current events, Primo was trying to escape the satellite building that Rick and company attacked to stop Negan. He was stopped and taken hostage when they Daryl noticed that the motorcycle he was riding was his. We see Paula and her group watching Rick and company from the trees while formulating a plan to save Primo. We find out that Primo is an important member of the group as he is a doctor. This makes Paula and her group so interested in making some sort of trade. After Paula and Rick talk over the walkie to try to come to an agreement, Paula tells Rick that she will think about the trade of Primo for Carol and Maggie and get back to him. Paula’s group go to one of the safe houses, one that they haven’t been to in around a month.

While tied up and gagged, Carol tries to think up a way to get some attention so she decides to hyperventilate, when they finally give her a chance to talk she plays it off like she is weak, and tells them that it doesn’t matter what happens to her as long as they don’t hurt Maggie or the baby. They are shocked that someone would do something so irresponsible like having a baby in the apocalypse. Maggie counters when was it ever a good idea to get knocked up. Carol has a chain with a cross and Paula’s crew thinks that she is a weak religious type and have no respect for Carol.

Michelle interrogates Maggie to try to figure out where they are held up, to find out how safe it is, safe enough to have a baby. Michelle opens up about losing a baby, and what happened to cause her to lose part of her pinkie. She seems to have an understanding and soft spot for Maggie in this world, but Maggie won’t give up any information. She does say something that knocks Maggie for a second, Michelle says that “they have to know they are not the good guys.”

In another room, Paula and Molly are trying to get Carol to crack. telling her that she is weak. Asking why they came to kill everyone back home, Carol says that they were attacked by what turns out to be T’s group on the road, they threatened to take everything for Negan. Negan sounded like a maniac and he needed to be stopped. Paula says she understands self defense as they were being threatened, but your people killed T’s group, why not just leave it at that, why go after other people? Your group is a bunch of killers which makes you a killer too. Molly and Paula think it is a funny though as Molly tells Carol that everyone is Negan.

Paula tells a long drawn out, and frankly BORING story about coffee beans, when it is over Carol tells Paula that she is going to die. If she doesn’t agree to the trade with Rick that she will die, Paula asks Carol will be the one to kill her and Carol’s response was she hopes not, but it seemed like she really hoped she didn’t have to. Paula was waiting for a backup crew to arrive, they heard some noise from walkers so they went to go investigate, Carol and Maggie were able to get free and were looking to escape. Carol seemed to be having shades of Morgan and wanted to just leave the group alive, but Maggie said they have to end it.

So Carol seemed to just sit back and do nothing, as Maggie started a plan to kill the others. She tied the now dead male of the group close to the door so when he turned they hoped he would bite someone. The plan did work as Molly came to check on them after killing some walkers and was bite, Maggie came from behind and ended her with repeated blows to the skull and grabbed the gun.

When trying to escape Paula returned and saw the two dead bodies and the missing hostages so she went to look for them, Carol tried to tell Paula to just run which she wouldn’t do. A walker got close to Carol and a gunshot went off that hit Paula. While this was going on Maggie heard Michelle returning and tried to stop her, they got into a tussle and Michelle thought that Maggie was a lying bitch and took a knife stab at her stomach but Maggie was able to back up enough where it only got the shirt. This got Carol mad and she shot Michelle in the head. Carol wouldn’t shoot Paula and they got into a another pushing match, Carol was able to get the upper hand and pushed Paula into a broken pipe that impaled her that was also impaled with a walker that bit her in the face.

The backup that Paula was waiting for finally is close to arriving and speaks over the walkie talkie about where they wanted to meet up. Carol tells them to meet in the kill room. So they go and meet in the kill room, like a bunch of idiots to be quite honest with you, and Carol throws a lit cigarette in there that ignites from the gasoline on the floor, as Maggie and Carol shut the door and let them burn.

As Carol and Maggie make their way out of the building Carol looks extremely overwhelmed at the sight of the walkers and tries to walk around them. While Maggie has the rage in her eyes as she just instantly goes and stabs them in the head. They make the entry at the same time that Rick and crew arrive guns drawn. Maggie tells them that they are all dead, Daryl asks Carol if she is OK and she says no. You can see something has changed for Carol, though I can’t quite pinpoint what it is. Maggie and Glenn embrace and she tells him she can’t anymore, I think she is realizing that she just can’t put herself in these situations any longer, which Carol saw from the beginning.

Rick tells Primo, whose name he did not know, that his friends are dead and it’s time to tell him if Negan was in the first building. He says yes and no, that he is Negan. So Rick thinking that he is ending the whole thing just shoots Primo in the head, you can see it messes up Carol even more, perhaps because she knows that everyone is Negan. What is their plans when they all find out that Negan might still be alive?