The mid-season finale hit soft in my opinion this year, though it did set up the exit strategy for Michonne’s character. So let’s get right into the beginning of the end.

We see how Dante was able to get into Alexandria, he showed up after Lydia left so Alpha thought he could get in and nobody would be able to out him. She advised that he find some strangers and get in with them and lead everyone to Alexndria they will let him in. He did find some strangers, threw off his mask and it went into the river, which I’m sure is the same mask that Judith found. It’s pretty simple and seemed to work.

Present day, Rosita saw Siddiq’s light on and went to see why he was still up, but Dante stopped her at the door, making up all sorts of lies that Rosita was able to see through, so Dante got ready to fight Rosita with his knife. She puts Coco in the bathtub before they fight, walker Siddiq awakes and heads to eat Coco. Rosita was able to over power, and shank Dante, in time to get up and kill walker Siddiq. The powers that be of Alexandria try to figure out what to do with him. Aaron is taken aback, but he also tells Carol and Daryl that he has talked with Mary(Gamma) and that the abandoned child at Hilltop was her nephew, and that she knows where the herd is kept.

They have a funeral for Siddiq, afterwards Rosita struggles to kill some walkers until Eugene saves her. She is not doing well, Eugene heads home, and Daryl, Carol, and Aaron head off to the Whisperer border. Father Gabriel goes to talk to Dante, and loses his shit and stabs Dante a billion times and kills him. Rosita isn’t upset about it what so ever, it was CRAZY to see Gabriel of all to end Dante.


It’s a flock of dumbasses. Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Daryl, Carol, Aaron meet up with Jerry and some others at Hilltop to find the horde. The group heads to and over the border, Carol is so consumed she doesn’t realize she almost stepped on a bear trap. The area they were told the herd was being kept was empty, so Daryl says it’s time to look for Lydia. Carol notices Alpha near and doesn’t realize it’s a trap. Alpha slow prances around as Carol chases and then everyone follows Carol. Carol runs into a creepy dark cave, Daryl hangs back to kill some walkers and everyone else runs inside. Daryl stupidly goes inside as well, he can see the end of the caves exit, doesn’t see anyone, doesn’t hear anyone, and he falls down a hole with all the others. Inside is all of Alpha’s horde as they are seemingly trapped. WHY DIDN’T SOMEONE STOP? LIKE THE PEOPLE AT THE END? WHY DID NOBODY YELL DANGER? BAH!


This is getting real. Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Michonne, please don’t go. So Michonne, Judith and Luke head to Oceanside. Along the way is a stop at a library for some books. Luke gets attacked by walkers, saved by a stranger. Michonne gets a message from Alexandria before that, and ends up taking the mans stuff with them as he left it. This is when the three learn that Siddiq is dead and they need to hurry up, finish and head home.

At Oceanside Michonne warns of Dante and that they need to change how they vet people inside. Oceanside members capture a stranger going through their stuff, it is the same man who saved Luke at the library. Small walker horde attacks and everyone fights them off, the man tries to escape but Judith slashes his legs. Later that night after fixing him up Michonne and the man talk about life, and she mentions a saying that a “friend” used to say, a saying Rick used to have, you could see the stranger had a look like he might have recognized that saying.

Michonne says he has to pay back his debts, he says he was just trying to get supplies to head home. He eventually says he might be able to help her fight her war, he lives on an island, fortified with weapons, hard to find called Bloodsworth Island on Tajinsound. He finally introduces himself as Virgil. Michonne tells Judith she needs to check this out to end the war, Judith agrees. Virgil and Michonne agree to head off to his island and she can get some weapons to bring back. The two sail away in a small boat, we know this is the beginning of Michonne’s end.