SPOILER WARNING for end of Season 7 and upcoming Season 8

After last season’s cliffhanger left Archer seemingly shot dead in a swimming pool, the big question coming into SDCC this year was: is Sterling Archer really dead? The answer, thankfully, is no.

The season 8 trailer (not yet available online, much to my dismay) revealed that Archer is alive, but in a coma. Season 8—“Dreamland”—will take place (at least partially) in Archer’s head.

Here’s what we know so far from the trailer:

  • “Dreamland” Archer is a 1920s-style private investigator looking for Woodhouse’s killer. Woodhouse, Archer’s real-life butler, is his partner in “Dreamland.” The trailer showed everyone’s real-life counterparts (except the comatose Archer) at Woodhouse’s funeral. This confirms that the show will not be recasting Woodhouse, who was played by George Coe before his death last year.
  • The trailer showed a scene in the “Dreamland” verse that takes place in a nightclub. Lana was a jazz singer, Ray was on trumpet, and Krieger was tending bar. Cyril and Pam will also be back as detectives, except Pam will be a man.
  • Mallory will be going by “M”—a reference to the James Bond-influenced series.
  • Cheryl will have yet another name.
  • Jeffrey Tambor will be back as Len Trexler. He is a rival mob boss in Archer’s dreamworld.
  • Barry Dillon will be Trexler’s enforcer.

Friday’s SDCC panel saw an impromptu wrestling match between Aisha Tyler and Lucky Yates over the band Rush. A video clip of the wrestling match is available on the Archer Facebook page for your viewing pleasure, along with some other clips from the panel. There’s also some (but not nearly enough) video from a pre-panel event called Archer Live!—a sunset booze cruise where a group of lucky fans got to watch the always entertaining cast get drunk and do a reading of the hilarious Season 6 episode “Vision Quest.” Christian Slater (who voices the aptly named recurring character “Slater”) was a surprise guest and read the stage directions for the episode.


Source: nerdist.com

Season 8 is set to premiere January 2017 on FXX. Archer has been renewed through season 10.