This episode was amazing, I’m just going to start things out with that. If it was more like this it wouldn’t be unfairly dubbed the, ‘worst show on television by some’. This episode we get to see updates on three more of the main characters. This episode is very June centered, she is like a female Rambo out there while also being some sort of anti-Terminus by putting up signs warning everyone about PADRE. Warning that they take children, that they lie, or that a pickup route is nearby.

 – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 8, Episode 2 – Photo Credit: Lauren “Lo” Smith/AMC

In addition to the warnings, she has been picking off collectors, cutting off their trigger fingers, and utilizing the scavenger perk from Call of Duty to take all of the weapons. She uses darts and a pressurized gun. We hear after one of her hits that she has been at this for years. The questions that come to my mind include, why would you not leave the area entirely? Followed by why just cut off a finger and take weapons instead of killing the collectors? The lower tired question is how did she escape PADRE?

Jenna Elfman as June – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 8, Episode 2 – Photo Credit: Lauren “Lo” Smith/AMC

One of my questions is answered shortly afterward as she attacks another boat of collectors that turns out to be Dwight and Sherry. After they shook off the dart, the boat gets damaged in a scuffle between a kid and June, was that June didn’t have a boat of her own to leave the area. This, for me, seems hard to follow. She was knocking people out with her darts on boats to cut off a finger. What is to say she couldn’t have tossed those people on land and taken a boat and left? This part of the story doesn’t check out.

The real reasons for that come out after June realize that the kid with Sherry and Dwight is actually their child. Apparently, they have been playing by PADRES rules for years, which means they can’t be together, work together, or do anything of the sort, but Sherry lied to get reassigned so she could go with Dwight to get their kid to the clinic. This is another one of those question spots I have, like why would anyone agree to those sorts of rules? June agrees to do the surgery in exchange for a boat. June knows of a creepy train that was used for experiments.

After some typical Walking Dead Universe filler, members from PADRE track down June. During this exchange, we learn another of the questions I had earlier, why she only takes the trigger finger. Turns out, in the past, Shrike, who is like the 2nd in charge of PADRE, kept a gun to June’s head to continually run radiation experiments on people who were bit in hopes that it would stop any walker bites. The treatment was worse than the actual process, and when June had a chance, she took Shrike’s finger and left. This is why she takes the trigger finger from the collectors so they couldn’t do that to others, until now, because Shrike uses a weird device to get a walker to bite Finch(Sherry and Dwight’s child) in the shoulder to force June to pick up her experiments, but not before Shrike takes June’s trigger finger.