I am so over this season, but there are 3 episodes left.  I am over Laurel and her worrying if Christopher will have baby PTSD. Although, I am quite sure that he will have zero recollection of those events. I am sick of Gabriel and his role. Like, spit it out already. Is he a threat or not? Isn’t Governor Birkhead supposed to be the enemy, yet we have only really had one episode with her in it, I mean we have seen her but she hasn’t really done anything. We know that Miller had something to do with Birkhead, we know Miller was basically being forced into working with Birkhead.  But to what end? And I am kind of confused as to what the FBI has on Annalise because to me since they are trying to recruit everyone to rat Annalise out, they don’t have a case or they would have arrested her. So, are they trying to cover up Miller’s murder or save Annalise from prison? Gabriel has nothing to do with it so how can he even be used? Whatever!!! And is Laurel’s family gonna go all Rambo on everyone and kill them? I think that is more of a threat than anything because of the money and power the Castillos have, you never know who they might have in their back pockets. The only one who seems to have any awareness about that is Tegan.

So Gabriel is in jail, he was arrested for possible domestic terrorism because he was protesting. Now, the gang and Annalise are trying to protect him and get him out of jail. But if he is such a threat, why not let him rot? Because of what he can tell them. But what does he really know? His dad is dead and he was married to Annalise. So, I just don’t understand why Gabriel is such a threat, seeing as how he is just Sam’s son, that was abandoned for another woman. Now they are looking through all his stuff to check him out on the pretense of helping his case. Everyone is jumping to conclusions but once again I ask what does he know that could hurt anyone? All the hours of footage they have on him, shouldn’t they know if he knew anything? This season seems like one never-ending episode of going round and round in circles. It should be called the Gabriel and Laurel show.

So Michaela is the Annalise of season 5 huh? She seems to running the show, coming up with ideas, and starting things she cannot finish. She hates Annalise and loves Tegan who hates her. Meanwhile they are still trying to figure out if Miller’s murder was justifiable. But it seems to me like it is not. Seems like he was doing what he had to do to keep those he loved safe. But this is HTGAWM,or its supposed to be, so it is likely that he is a douche. Laurel then has this great idea to look at the footage they have secretly gathered and BOOM! Gabriel is set free because evidence was planted. Much to Gabriel’s utter surprise. But now he’s mad because he privacy was invaded, but didn’t he do the same thing minus the video feed?

Ok, can yall answer me what the big deal is with Annalise trying to adopt Wes? Was it a conflict of interest? How does that information affect her or how if that leverage against her? The reasoning they give is rather flimsy at best. Why would attempting to adopt Wes give her motive to kill Sam, it was when he was 11, years ago. Why bring it up now? He’s dead, Sam’s dead, Wes’ mother and father are now dead. It makes zero sense. And frankly I am sick of trying to figure it out.

In an interesting turn of events, Bonnie convinces Nate to allow Miller’s body to turn up. Bonnie if feeling super gulity cause she is dealing with his mom and she is crying to her about her son being killed. And a pictures surfaces from the wedding and in it is Nate and Miller having an intense discussion……..Until next time.