The first half of the Walking Dead’s tenth season has had it’s moments, great edge of your seat moments, absolute boring moments, and as typical, very sad somber moments. The most lasting moments for me thinking back on this season is Michonne’s exit has started, and how much this show needs Negan regularly after finally getting to leave the jail cell.

A Russian satellite fell from space, and it landed in Whisperer territory, it caused a forest fire and even though our heroes knew they are not supposed to they went into Whisperer land to put out the forest fire. Eugene made sure to salvage some of the inner workings of the satellite to improve their radio, which is a big player later in the season.

We saw Alpha and Beta’s backstory, which, all told I found boring. We know Beta is someone famous in the world, and if you follow the other shows you have an idea of what profession they were in.

After that we got Carol on her bullshit, literally, she doesn’t listen, she goes rogue, she takes pills so she never sleeps. In turn she sees things, and people don’t believe her in almost anything. She tried to kill Alpha, and Whispers followed her and the group back home. While holding up in a school Carol wanted to stay up, she ends up getting tricked by a Whisper and kills the Whisper who comes back as a walker wearing the mask, that hasn’t come up since for some reason though.

After all this we learn that Ezekiel has a lump on his neck, something that is genetics, he fears it will be the end of him. He is losing himself and has been thinking about suicide and letting everyone down.

NEGAN FINALLY ESCAPES AND IT’S GLORIOUS! He somehow gets out of his cell, and is on his own, until some punk kid joins him, but it is great to see Negan out and about. By the end he gets his jacket and a bat with barb wire so you know things are good. We also realize that the Whispers are killing walkers into Alexandria’s water supply.

Brings us to probably my favorite episode of the season. Negan and Beta interactions are pure gold. Beta clearly doesn’t like Negan, and I thing Negan likes that Beta doesn’t like him. Those two interacting is pure magic. Outside of that, Eugene, who left Alexandria because of losing Rosita, makes contact with an unknown person via the radio. This is going to come up again in the last half of course.

At episode seven, we get Lydia defecting back to Whisper side after Carol uses her against the Whispers because Alpha told them that Lydia was dead by her mom. Nearly everyone in Alexandria is sick, and it takes Siddiq way to long to figure that out, it was the water. Dante finally shows his true self, as someone who was at the massacre, and he ends up killing Siddiq.

We close with Gabriel killing Dante, which was shocking but I think needed. A new person is found around Oceanside. This person lives on a naval base and offers weapons to Michonne eventually to take out Alpha’s horde. This is the start of her eventual departure. At closing we have around eight people trapped in a cave with Alpha’s horde because Carol is a dumbass.