This episode is told primarily in flashback, as we learn about Lena and Andrea’s relationship and what caused their rift as well as Andrea’s history with Russell/Rip Roar and Leviathan. Both women are shown to be sympathetic and justified in their actions to a point. We see that Lena’s history of having women that she gets close to lie to her for their own selfish (though somewhat justifiable) reasons, is a long one made me at least feel better about why she was taking Kara’s deception so hard. With the revelation that she had decided to not trust anyone again after Andrea’s deception, we gain a better understanding of why Kara’s friendship and subsequent betrayal proved to be more than she could handle.

This episode also gave us the opportunity to see Andrea as the hero Acrata, supergirl_s05e06_004 shrunk.pngthough since she is being forced to work for Leviathan, at this point she’s using her powers against Supergirl and the DEO in an attempt to free her former lover.  With Lena’s help in distracting Supergirl, she is able to use her powers to get into the DEO. She also uses Lena’s inception technology to mind control every DEO agent.

The episode kind of falls apart in the final few scenes as Lena threats to have Rip Roar cut his own carotid artery as a threat to get back what Andrea took from her in the flashbacks. This goes against Lena’s vow to get everyone to a place where they can’t hurt one another. Also isn’t she a super genius, does she not see how her technology can be stolen from her and used for evil. C’mon people. I know this is comic book tension at it’s finest, but I feel like between this and Andrea’s launch last week where you had a bunch of people wearing VR technology roaming the streets seems like the writers are continuing on their soapbox of technology being bad and dangerous. When in actuality it’s mainly the people choosing to be dumb with the tech. Now I’ll step down off my soapbox.

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