Steven Universe’s January 5th Special Brings the Teased ‘Lars of the Stars’ and ‘Jungle Moon’

Steven Universe- Cartoon Network via SDCC 2017

After a month of pre-released episodes finally airing, Cartoon Network is starting 2018 off with a bang by airing the long awaited episode “Lars of the Stars”, which was teased back in JULY of 2017 at SDCC.

Steven Universe – Cartoon Network

As reddit user t_alabi posted on the SULeaks subreddit, the episode is referrencial to long running space pirate anime trope established in the 70’s with Space Pirate Captain Harlock,¬†and features Lars and the Off-Colors in their new found rolls as Homeworld Renegade space pirates that commandeered the fastest Homeworld ship.

Captain Harlock Space Pirate – Easter Star Studios cover

The episode takes place after the Connie and Steven fight ends and highlights their first adventure back together, as well as their first space adventure together. The animators were brilliant in their keeping Connie’s hair up in the promos, as it hid her new, shorter hair style debuted in the previous episode “Kevin Party”.

Steven Universe – Cartoon Network

Unfortunately, no news is out about ‘Jungle Moon’ besides it being a Stevonnie episode. Regardless, we haven’t found any blatant, unofficial leaks and are legitimately excited for true new Steven Universe!

Steven Universe – Cartoon Network

So Bingo-Bongo here are some fun pics of the Off-Colors from the promo, so be sure to tune into Cartoon Network on January 5th!

Steven Universe – Cartoon Network
Steven Universe – Cartoon Network
Steven Universe – Cartoon Network
Steven Universe – Cartoon Network
Steven Universe – Cartoon Network

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