Hello The Game of Nerds and DC’s the Arrow’s fans. The wait is over and I will be covering the show for the duration of the season. So before we get geared up for upcoming episodes let’s take a recap to get familiar with the names in the show.

Oliver Queen AKA Green Arrow
Rich playboy in the show, he is your main character. He was called Arrow until this season when he re-branded himself as Green Arrow. He is dating Felicity Smoak and as Oliver Queen is running for mayor in an attempt to clean up the city. At night he leads a group of others who want to try to save the city from injustice and the ever present villains.

Felicity Smoak
Felicity is currently the president of a major corporation Palmer Technologies. She was working their and previously was dating the owner Ray Palmer. Ray was presumed to have died and Felicity was brought in to try to turn the company around as it was losing money. Felicity is dating Oliver Queen now and they seem to be in love. Felicity is extremely computer savvy and for the most part stays back at the base to be the eyes and ears for the group when the team is on missions.

Thea Queen AKA Speedy
Thea is Oliver’s younger half sister, she used to own and run a night club, she currently works on the campaign team for her brother Oliver Queen’s bid to become mayor. She has had quite the journey to get to where she is at now, a quick recap: Her father is Malcolm Merlyn who is the leader of the League of Assassins, he used Thea during the process. Thea was killed and resurrected from the Lazerus Pit, she still has a blood lust and is learning that she has to kill to stop the cravings. She is learning how to control the cravings as Speedy while helping the group. She wears all red.

John Diggle AKA Spartan
John Diggle is a former bodyguard for Oliver Queen. He joined the cause when learning what Oliver was moonlighting. He has been a former Special Army Forces Office and in the Suicide Squad, he is very capable in recon, to be a decoy, and self defense. He prefers guns over arrows.

Laurel, Sara, Captain Lance
They are related, Captain Lance is the father and Sara and Laurel are sisters. Captain Lance has been back and forth in supporting team Arrow and being against them. Right now he is involved with the villain this season in Damien Darhk, the main reason appears to save Sara but we are not sure.

Laurel is the older sister, or we can say Black Canary 2. She is awful, I will just say it I can’t hide it, she doesn’t listen, doesn’t seem to be prepared to fight alongside the team at all. She took the Black Canary persona after her sister died.

Sara is the younger sister, or Black Canary 1. I love Sara, she is amazing, She used to be in the League of Assassins so she knows how to take care of herself, she can do very well on her own. She seemed to create the Black Canary persona and abilities. She was recently revived from the Lazerus Pit like Thea Queen. She is having a harder time controlling the urges, in the last episode she said she plans to go away and find herself. I hope she returns soon, she is a fantastic actress for this show and outshines Laurel in every way.

Damien Darhk
He is the major enemy so far in this season, I’m not going to tell you everything going on, I think it’s better if you find out about him on your own. Let’s just say he has mastered abilities nobody in team Arrow has.

Ray Palmer AKA The Atom
He owned his own company, everyone thought he was dead. Do you still own stake in companies or your stocks if you return from the dead? He doesn’t want to return yet to the civilian world so that will wait and see. Ray just got saved, he has mastered a suit the Atom which has many abilities like flying, weapons, and the ability to make himself super small. Once he gets a complete control over his abilities and suit he is going to be a power house as he holds abilities unique to the group.

Curtis Holt
Employee of Palmer Technologies, is very smart, has been helping Felicity in the work place and with Team Arrow. Just a guess on my own but I think he will eventually be Mr. Terrific.

John Constantine
I am not sure if he will return or not, but he has been on this season. To get up to date on Constantine please check out the great piece our fellow contributor Jasmine’s review of the episode.

Few general notes:

I don’t know when the characters ever sleep with full time jobs and moonlighting.
Damien Darhk is a villain like nobody they have faces thus far.
What are the long term side effects from a Lazerus Pit resurrection? We know short term you have a blood lust which can’t be satisfied without murder.
How do certain characters get transitioned to an upcoming spin off show(that also has characters from Flash) or do these characters do both shows?

We might not find answers to all of these but I believe some in the coming weeks. Join me for the rest of the season on Arrow