The Gifted returns not with a pop but with a bang. From start to finish “3X1” is pure action and suspense. Easily one of the better episode and a strong episode to return with after the Christmas break.

In the beginning, we are reminded of the loss for both sides, the Mutant Underground and the Sentinel Service. This was the catalyst for Turner fully embracing Dr.Campbell programs and methods. The Mutant underground is divided on the Frost sisters and whether or not to trust them. Both storylines commented each other and helped this episode be as strong as it was.

We’eew finally seeing Dr.Campbell use this program in full and we get some interesting use of mutants here. Campbell is using a combination of two powers in order to help the Sentinel Service and further his research. This was both clever and interesting as combining power opens the doorway for amazing visuals and raises the stakes for the Mutant underground.

I really enjoyed seeing the Mutant Underground and the Strucker family being so divided. I think it might be one of the lowest points for both groups. There was a sense of uncertainty that really gave this episode some realism. While I already knew the Frost sister where going to Join the underground I appreciated that we saw both sides of the argument of teaming up with such powerful mutants. I also enjoyed the little easter egg we got about Polaris’s real father.

Its been a long time coming of getting some more information about both the Hellfire Club and The  Xmen. While I do personally doubt we’ll get too much during the seasonal final I hope we get some answers. I hope they aren’t just name dropping the Hell Fire Club without some sort of payoff or cameo.

The action in the final half of the episode was great. It really had me on the edge of my seat. With the bleak tone, this episode had I wasn’t sure who would have made it out alive. For a few seconds, I was convinced we were going to get more death.  I was impressed with both the action and the direction the writing took certain charters. Nither if it felt forced or out of place.

Overall “3X1” was a great action packed episode that took you in and didn’t let go. We got some great easter eggs of HellFire Club and Magneto. After viewing this episode I have full confidence that the season finale won’t disappoint.

The Gifted” airs Mondays at 9PM on Fox.