Bob’ Burgers added to the Thanksgiving tradition with season 10’s 8th episode, “Now We’re Cooking with Gas”, as turkey was the only thing on anyone’s mind. Any fan of the show will automatically know that Thanksgiving is Bob’s favorite holiday thus we are giving a special practically every season. Furthermore, the turkey in these specials are no stranger to danger. From cat litter to being sewing back together, these turkeys are put through the ringer but this turkey faced a new challenge, no stove.

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Photo Source: FOX – Bob’s Burgers

The holiday took a turn for the worse when in a cruel coincidence the gas goes out for the whole block. Normally Bob would be upset but this year he spent extra money on a special never frozen organic turkey which cost a pretty penny. This leads to Bob desperately scrambling to figure something out which he does.

The turkeys name was Popcorn.Bobs Burgers NowWereNotCookingWithGas (5)

Photo Source: FOX – Bob’s Burgers

We felt a sense of sorrow as we watched how far Bob was willing to go for this turkey, even at his family’s expense. The Belchers struggled to cook their heritage farm turkey but eventually they were hosed by the police. After watching the five family members struggle for so long to have their Thanksgiving bird cooked and seeing how many items they had to burn it felt really sad. Usually these specials are packed with action and intrigue but this one was more focused on emotion which we felt was an interesting change of pace. Despite all the tragedy, for once the Belchers came out on top as they did get to eat their delicious turkey.

Putting aside the fact that this is a fictional show, we found it odd that the gas just so happened to go out of the one day its use is the most noticed adding on that the gas company more or less was no help. Adding on to that, in a beach town, there could have been some better, more legal options the Belchers could have taken (outdoor grills for the public, camp sites where they could have kept the fire or such). Seeing as Bob was desperately trying to make this dinner happen it felt like the plot could have taken some more interesting turns, comment below with what you would have done.

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Photo Source: FOX – Bob’s Burgers

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