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Into the Badlands – “Leopard Snares Rabbit” Review

Breakout! Sunny and Bajie roam the Badlands.
Courtesy of Aidan Monaghan/AMC

The action begins fast and furiously in last week’s ‘Leopard Snares Rabbit.’ At their super secret hideout, Tilda and her vigilante Robin Hoods are ambushed by Nathaniel Moon and the Butterflies. Tilda-being a total Jedi and ninja rolled into one-manages to take out multiple clippers in one pass of her curved blade. She reaches her match in Moon, who’s not only earned his literal stripes as a clipper but is a master tactician as well. Wounding Tilda after a sword fight of epic proportions, her crew manages to spirit her away…but her friend and part-time lover Oddessa is captured by The Widow’s forces.

On the front lines, Sunny and Bajie (with baby Henry in tow) infiltrate The Widow’s camp as members of her baronetcy. Trying their best to get through Sniper Alley (where Baron Chau’s clippers hit runners with deadly accuracy), Sunny makes the bold claim that he’s The Widow’s new Regent. This far removed from Minerva’s gaze, he is easily believed.

Courtesy of Aidan Monaghan/AMC

At the heart of The Widow’s lands, Lydia-who accepted Minerva’s offer to work together-is now Viceroy Lydia. Living in her son’s former home, her position entails overseeing the regrowth and harvest of the poppy fields and coordination of the refugee camps. Her goal: “To keep people from becoming refugees.” A potential benefit (or hindrance, depending on whom you ask) to being under The Widow’s protection, is the slow burn between Lydia and Nathaniel. Professing that his feelings for her came rushing back when he laid eyes on her after so many years, Lydia warns him off of a regent pursuing any romantic entanglements…pointing to Sunny and Vale as an example.

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Sneaking into Lydia’s quarters, a very angry Tilda confronts her about selling her out to The Widow as the Iron Rabbit. Explaining that she had to do it but that she also warned her of them coming for her, Lydia educates Tilda on how to play the game and compromise. “Run right up to the line…but don’t go over it.” It’s good advice; Tilda is very young and very impulsive. Lydia has been around the block and knows how far diplomacy (and espionage) can go.

Back on the block, Sunny gets to the sniper in Baron Chau’s sniper alley. With the knowledge that there’s only one assassin to deal with, he easily takes him out, making the path to getting help for Henry that much easier.

Courtesy of Aidan Monaghan/AMC

The long-awaited reunion between mother and daughter is tense and awkward. Tilda strides right up to The Widow’s gates and makes her demands: release of Oddessa for her not raiding Minerva’s convoys anymore. Mommy dearest counteroffers: she’ll help the refugees AND release Oddessa for Tilda coming back to fight for her in any capacity. Tilda counter-counteroffers: release Oddessa, release MK and help the refugees, and she’s back. During this negotiation, MK-being tortured by a very unattractive dude-finds his Dark Force again. Bursting through the stained glass foyer like an avenging angel, he takes out Minerva’s cogs and leaves, Tilda and Oddessa in tow.

The Badlands, always a surprise around the corner.

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