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Episode Synopsis:

Piper gets surprising news and a boost from her friends. The jury returns with a verdict for Taystee’s innocence, and the big kickball game is on.


Early Release- I can’t believe that our main character, got released from prison. This definitely is leading us to the last season, and I have no clue what’s in store for Piper. But backing up, it was sad to see that Piper and Alex had to get separated yet again. Their prison marriage was so adorable, and like Lorna said, it would have been nice to have seen Red there. I liked that after all this time, with inmates fighting from different cliques, we saw some of these girls come together for Piper and Alex’s wedding. I could see Lorna and Nicky being there, but seeing Cindy and Flaca come in and join the festivities, made my heart swell. It sucked that Piper and Alex’s goodbye had to be so quick, but then seeing Piper so happy to see her brother again, was so nice. And to top it all off, I liked that Piper went to watch the kickball game from behind the fence. She really made an accomplishment with her idea to start kickball in the first place. And as for what’s next. I don’t know how Piper is going to adjust to a regular life, but I think it would be interesting, if she did pay an homage to the real Piper, and started writing her memoir. I’m also curious to see how the writer’s tackle her being away from Alex.

Commentators- Flaca and Cindy were back to their regular commentating, and this time, they got super into the kickball game. This storyline was small, but it did make an impact. We’ve seen Cindy sulking for the last couple of episodes, because of her situation with Taystee, but thankfully, Flaca knocked some sense into her. She also let go of her anxiety about seeing Suzanne, after what they went through during the riot. Overall, I loved that Cindy finally felt relief, and had fun with Flaca.

Barb vs. Carol- These two crazy sisters, definitely threw us for a loop during this episode. Throughout this season, it’s all been about Barb and Carol, wanting to kill one another. So when we finally think that they’re going to get their chance, they decide to even fool their girls. It was never about killing each other on the kickball field. Maybe for the rest of the girls, but Barb and Carol were out to kill Frieda. But in true fashion, even before leaving the broom closet, they start doubting each other, and eventually we find them dead. This was such an uneventful death. The writer’s had built up this entire season about these sisters, and them getting revenge on each other, but it fell flat for me. We didn’t even see their entire fight. After their flashback, they were just laying on the floor. And also, Frieda’s storyline was basically a waste then, because she didn’t even have to face Barb and Carol.

Guards- Fantasy inmate finally ended, which was about time, and McCullough kind of helped save the day. With a little push from Maria, to trust her and have the captains pick new teammates, no one got hurt and the girls became more focused on the game.

Trial- I was also pretty furious with what happened with Taystee, at the end of this season. I feel like she can never catch a break and after all she had been through, the writer’s still decided to keep her in prison, and this time, for life. It was so sad to see her lose her confidence slowly, and not even Caputo could cheer her up. And it’s sad that he made all these sacrifices for her and came to her defense, and not even he could help. I’m wondering now, if we’re going to see the aftermath of all of this next season and what might happen in Taystee’s life. It would be amazing if she somehow was proven innocent in some way and finally got the life that she deserved.

Daya & Aleida- This relationship just keeps on getting worse and worse. And I think at this point, it’s a lost cause. During visitation, Aleida noticed that Daya was high, but kept it to herself. She had a conversation with Hopper about the situation, and it was really sad to see, that Aleida was giving up on her daughter. I mean, there really isn’t much she can do from her standpoint, besides not bringing in the drugs, but it’s Aleida we’re talking about. She’ll make money any way she can. It is true, that Daya is going over the deep end, and I hope she can realize what has happened to herself and get herself together next season.

Blanca- I felt terrible for Blanca. She thought all this time, that she was going to get released from jail, but instead, she ended up going to Immigration and Customs Enforcement. I don’t know if we’re going to see her next season, but it was heartbreaking that she thought she was going to start a family with her boyfriend, but it ended up not being the case.

Luschek & Gloria- I’m so mad at Luschek. He always chickens out last-minute and he totally let Gloria down. He had created this great relationship with her, and then he threw it all away, by not caring about what Gloria had to say, about the inmates wanting to kill each other. Well, shockingly, Gloria found his fantasy inmates cards and then everything imploded. It was nice that he wanted to make amends, when she was stuck in SHU, but Gloria wanted nothing to do with him. Like a coward, he drove away and didn’t say anything about the kickball game.

Nicky & Lorna- I was happy that these two were back on solid terms, and that Lorna finally figured out that the whole C-block/D-block debacle, wasn’t worth it. We didn’t get to see a whole lot of Nicky and Lorna together, but it sucked that Nicky had to leave Lorna to play kickball, while Lorna was having possibly, having a miscarriage. I’m sure Nicky is going to be devastated, when she finds out that all this happened when she left, and that she wasn’t there to help her friend.