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So quick recap, Miller is dead and Nate killed him. That was the biggest shocker of the season. Never thought Nate would have went that far. For the most part he is pretty level headed. Gabriel is Sam’s son. He left Vivian (Gabriel’s mom), for Annalise. Another bomb dropped. Bonnie actually ended Miller’s life and left some of that evidence on baby Christopher’s blanket and she is being an  a hole about it. Govenor Birkhead is literally behind everything. Laurel’s mom is missing. Just a whole hot mess.

Furthermore the actress who plays Eve; what the heck did she do to her face. Ok I know it was irrelevant but just why? Eve is now trying to do damage control about Gabriel and the letter that Sam wrote to Vivian about wanting her back. And everyone is in a uproar about who Gabriel really is. I don’t know why the gang is so scared about the Sam situation. Wes and Rebecca are dead. At the end of the day, the only one they should truly worry about is Annalise. If she were to come clean about what really happened they would all be up the creek. But any who, they are scared that Gabriel is going to get them locked up. But he doesn’t even know anything. That is why he is there. It doesn’t say what triggered him to want to know, but I mean for 4 seasons Gabriel didn’t appear so why now? Why the urgency to learn what really happened? What does he hope to gain? We have yet to find out. But they need to give us more information on Gabriel Maddox to even determine if he is a threat. He is a little creepy but so far that is about it. But they manage to slow him down by persuading him to keep his mom safe.

Nate and Bonnie are trying to solidify who knows about what went down with Miller. It involves Asher, and we know how he handles pressure. And how well he keeps secrets. Well, except about the lawyer lady he ran over and killed in season 2. But, hey who’s counting. How quickly they forget they have blood on their hands. Bonnie returns to work and they all have to pretend. And stick to the alibi that Bonnie and Nate have concocted. Bonnie is on the verge of tears every few minutes and Asher just looks like he is going to spill all the business in two or three seconds. But for now, they are able to hold it together and stick to the plan. Part of that plan is that Nate assaults one of the officers that transported his dad, to hide his busted up knuckles from beating Miller to death. But Asher does start his own little mini vacation because he cannot believe that Miller was that kind of guy. He then spills the beans to the team after Michaela bully’s him into and Nate finally tells Annalise.

Michaela is sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong and she is getting Tegan involved once again. We all know how she has a girl crush on Tegan, the same crush she had on Annalise at first before Annalise kept them all out of jail for the Sam situation. But it just may blow up in her face. Tegan then submits her request to Emmett to go forward and it looks like everything is good to go. Did I mention that Michaela never go the green light from Nate? Well we all know how that will end.

Bonnie decides to torture herself further by listening to the calls that came into the warden’s office. And the call they think Miller made, he may not have actually made. So was Miller’s death an accident or not? Tune in next week, we have 5 more episodes left.