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As a grown adult with children, a husband and a full-time job, self-care is something very near and dear to my heart. The employees of Cloud 9 take the theme of caring for self to an entirely ridiculous level on last week’s episode.

As Amy slogs through her day, it’s apparent that lack of sleep and stress over an impending safety inspection are getting to her. At Jonah and Cheyenne’s suggestion, she hides out in the store storm shelter and takes a power nap…a 15 minute nap that turns into 4 hours because dear Jonah thought she needed it.

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The problem with someone taking control of someone else’s self-care is it inevitably backfires. As Amy snoozes on, Jonah makes some unbelievably silly decisions (Satan’s A*s Hot Sauce display anyone?). The same could be said for other members of the Cloud 9 family. When Glenn passes out because of his blood sugar (thanks pre-diabetes!), Dina takes control of his diet and lifestyle. Throwing out his bland, boneless, skinless chicken breast, she pushes vegan kale salads on him and gets him to ride the stationary bike.

Dina’s pressure on Glenn is somewhat rooted in her abandonment issues; having her father skip out on her when she was an adolescent affected Dina more than she lets on. Being Glenn and Jerusha’s surrogate has made her exceptionally protective of their daughter Rose, something she won’t let Glenn forget.

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As Amy awakens, the safety inspection-okayed by Cheyenne apparently-is imminent and the Cloud 9 crew rebel. Sleeping in the middle of the store, meditating in sporting goods, making fondue in housewares, it’s a complete poopshow.

With Cheyenne and Jonah running interference while Amy is on the walkie talkie, they manage to keep the inspector focused on the things that look good in-store. At the end, the Satan’s A*s Hot Sauce does them in by the signage going up in actual flames. Although they only score a 65, they pass (60 is the baseline, yeesh!).

Self-care for the win!

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