If you’re anything like me, you’ve spent part of your hiatus dreaming about things that you want to happen in season 3. While it’s not totally confirmed, the Season 2 episode titles spelling FRING’S BACK definitely point toward the return of everyone’s favorite chicken-slinging meth kingpin, Gustavo Fring. But for me, the real all-star return of season 3 would be if they brought back my girl Francesca.


Source: Better Call Saul AMC

Look, there’s literally no reason why this shouldn’t happen. Francesca had been working for Saul for quite some time before the events of Breaking Bad. It would only make sense for her to make an appearance soon—if only briefly. Maybe the first meeting between the two of them which, if memory serves, had something to do with her time working at the DMV. I would sell my soul for a scene with Jimmy McGill going to the DMV (maybe changing his name to Saul on his license?) and having Francesca be the person that has to deal with him. That’s comedy gold right there, and it’s canon, so what I’m saying is: Dear Vince Gilligan & Peter Gould, bring back Francesca or I riot.