Uh oh, Connor is mad and feeling quite petty. But don’t you think that he kind of did it to himself. He is dealing with some personal issues and he is projecting. He can’t accept being offered second chair because he earned instead he feels that she gave it to him just because. Now he is feeling some type of way. But why is it Annalise’s problem. So instead of taking her at face value, he talks himself right out of his own position. Even in class Connor is still being petty and bitter over losing second chair. But once again he did it to himself. The trial is not going as expected for Nate, Sr because of certain things that came out that Annalise was not prepared for. A letter Nate, Jr wrote when he was a kid about his dad. Major loss for the team. Nate Sr is mad, but Annalise counsels him to keep his son apart of the trial.

Back to Nate, now what is the reason again? It was stupid which is why I am not going to write about this useless episode/season filler. Bonnie is trying to deal with this new information and everyone is protecting her from herself I guess. I don’t know. I am still not sure of the angle the show is trying to play here. Frank is also trying to be there for Bonnie too, but she just needs her space. Now it seems as though everyone is tiptoeing about Bonnie trying to protect her from her history. But it happened to her. Not sure why the show decided to include this, but it must be going somewhere. The question is when will we learn the purpose of this new information that Nate dug up, when no one asked him too. Just a distraction, maybe? I guess we’ll find out.

Everyone is working on Nate Sr’s case. Even the ever so humble Michaela. Her and Asher are planning Conner and Oliver’s bachelor party and she asks him for some help. She needs dirt on the Dr who is testifying against Dr. Asher is also concerned about Bonnie and Annalise gives him the quick rundown and he truly is concerned about her. Then Nate Sr decides that he needs to speak up for himself. And tell his side of the story. But Nate Jr, thinks it is not a good idea but he gives in and talks to her and he is allowed to testify.

Bonnie ends up baring her soul to Miller. And lets him in on all the bad that has happened to her including her lost child. He takes it pretty well and seems to love her and have her back. Even going so far as to take her to her sisters house to ask about the baby. He listens and reassures her. And lets her know she is loved no matter how dark her secrets are. Bonnie then confronts her sister.

Still trying to win her case, Gabriel advises her to move for a mistrial but she has other ideas. But we all know Annalise is a genius and comes up with a story, a true story, to win her case. And the reasons why Nate Sr, basically went a bit crazy while being in solitary confinement. She places the jury in Nate Sr’s place and has them experience for a few minutes how it was for him in all those months. Causing him to go a little bit crazy and kill someone. And Annalise wins her case and takes a dig at Govenor Burkhead.

Now Laurel has found out that Frank is investigating Gabriel and chews him out. But of course that does not stop him from trying to dig up any information about him. To what end? Who knows. Where did this guy come from and why is he getting special treatment.

Then we fast forward to the party. Some more of what went on that night is divulged. But not much. Oliver is still no where to be found. Bonnie is looking suspicious. And Asher is doing unmentionable things to Connor’s mom. All in all a pretty good episode, but we are still left with more and more questions. And what about Laurel’s mother, and who sent her the christening outfit. They just veered away from that, but I guess eventually we will come back to it. See yall next week.