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This episode might have been my favorite of the season. Richard has partnered with eight developers, that he has named the “Octopipers”,  to build and launch their websites on Pipernet, creating a foundation before it’s open to the public. After meeting with them, he finds a very excited Jared. He and Gilfoyle have figured out that the mole was Dinesh’s roommate, Jeff. Having signed a non-disclosure agreement, Richard informs Jeff that they could fire and sue him. Instead, they decide to keep him on and keep Gavin in the dark to maintain a competitive edge.

Silicon Valley
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Laurie and Monica inform Richard that video game company, K-Hole Games, is interested in a Pipernet deal. Richard thinks he should have the octopipers meet with the people from K-Hole in order to finalize the partnership.

Jian-Yang shows up to see if they will include some of his “new” Chinese versions of American companies in the Pipernet deal. Richard turns him down. Jian-Yang leaves his yellow Corvette there. Upon having the car towed, Jared discovers the car is still registered to Big Head. Jared meets with Big Head and they discover that Big Head and Erlich’s partnership was never legally dissolved – leaving Big Head as Erlich’s next of kin, not Jian-Yang.

Silicon Valley
Photo Source: Silicon Valley, HBO

When Richard has his meeting with K-Hole games, he accidentally outs one of the other developers, Deedee, as being a Christian – which turns into a big deal as being a Christian is a touchy subject in the tech world. Richard tries to make this right, but Deedee decides to partner Jian-Yang’s Chinese version of Pied Piper.

The guys go to confront Jian-Yang, but find the Hacker Hostel deserted and a note from Jian-Yang stating that he moved back to China to work on the “new, new internet”.

The folks at Hooli are busy getting ready for the launch of the Box III and as Gavin leaves for Jackson Hole, he says “the bear is sticky with honey” having just made tea with honey. However, the employees overanalyze his comment and start to scramble to figure out what he meant.

I thought this episode was hilarious. Seeing Jared very excited at the beginning was great and a well needed great Jared moment and to only be followed up by a great Dinesh moment. After it is revealed that they know who the mole is and that it was Dinesh’s roommate, it cuts to Dinesh singing karaoke.

Silicon Valley
Photo Source: Silicon Valley, HBO

I also thought everyone’s it was funny to see everyone so uncomfortable with religion. When the guy from Deedee, who also happens to be gay, is talking to Richard, after he outs him as being Christian, he tells him that his dad has told him he just want’s his regular gay son back. Of course, I don’t know if it is actually like that in the tech industry, but I imagine that it’s at least fairly close to that.

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