Things are getting more out of control for Joe as seen in the previous episode when he killed Benji by giving him coffee that contains every ingredient that he is allergic to. I’m still a little bitter about the ending because his murdering because he knocked him out with a book mallet and then gave him deadly coffee. It really pissed me off that he went from a straight book gangster to nice guy murder. I also thought about how Benji kept assuming that Joe wasn’t a killer because he locked him up in the cage alive for so long, but he is a killer. Those soft eyes are fooling women all over the world who were just as shocked as I was. In this episode we saw that Joe is a little bit more relieved that Benji is finally completely out of the equation and can not return to beck, but he was also nervous because he had a rotting corpse in the basement of the book store. In the beginning he didn’t focus so much on how he was going to dispose of Benji’s body without getting caught, he focused his attention on trying to when Beck over now that she is heartbroken because Joe made it appear on social media that Benji is living his best life without her.

I know that Joe is an intelligent man, but again he does the dumbest things. Not only did it grind my gears that he gave Benji deadly coffee, but he also disregarded his mess to aid a woman who isn’t that into him yet. She hasn’t even gotten a real chance to know just yet to conclude that she likes him.  I think its insane who he tries to justify his actions by saying its for Beck’s own good. Duddeeeeeeeeeee you’re an human avenger, you’re a bookstore employee who is just super jealous of anyone that has the opportunity to love her. Sure she gave her all to Mr.Wrong, but that doesn’t mean killing him made it right. While Beck went through the stages of a breakup, Joe made sure that he was there to comfort her and of course try to get Beck to fall in love with him as soon as possible. Joe of course continued to believe that he is “the one” for her and if Beck doesn’t see it, he will continue to make her see it. While he continued to pursue her, Benji’s corpse stunk up the basement causing him to throw up from the stench.  Joe wasn’t sure at first how he was going to dispose of his body without being suspicious, but luckily he works at a bookstore where he can get information on how to dispose of a body (Honestly he could’ve googled it). Until, he came up with a master plan, he put Benji in the trunk of his car.