So we ended last episode with Charlotte taking flight from the top railing due to the Pincher brothers fighting over her relationship. As she lay bleeding from hitting her head she takes her last breath with Kate holding her hand. Lydia and Kate make a run for it but they are seen by Emily. Then they flee as well as they rest of the guests are realizing that Charlotte is dead. Maggie, Lucy, Will, Lady Isabella and the rest are reeling from her death and trying to piece together what happened. But we already know. Now, back to Miss Brown-Findlay who has decided to make her departure in season 3 as well. Have any of yall figured out what the hell that’s about? She said she doesn’t want to feel stuck in a role, THEN WHY TAKE IT? I guess I will get over it eventually but whatever.

Charlotte death is affecting everyone, especially Maggie. And then I am like this is why she was brought back for a couple shows was to bury Charlotte. She could have stayed in America for all the trouble it was. The investigation into Charlotte’s death begins and the rest of the characters find out and each has their own reaction and way of handling things. Isaac seems to be taking it really hard and his brother is changing but definitely not in a good way. At this point no one knows that they were somehow involved. Outside of that I think the most interesting thing in this episode is when Will and Jonas have a man to man talk, so to speak. But we all know that Maggie is indeed in love with Will, but unfortunately she is supposed to be dead. Surprisingly still is the effect it had on Quigley. She seems genuinely upset about Charlotte’s demise. I believe that Quigley loves Maggie and her girls dearly, but maybe she just doesn’t know how to show it because love was never show to her in a way that was kind. It was always hurt with the love she was shown. Or she is just a witch.

Back to Quigley, she is still at odds with Mrs May but there is a cull to be serviced and we all know that May is about those dollars. She is not trying to hear what Lydia got to say about anything. Basically she tells her one of you will do it. In the end, Anne has a baby boy and Harcourt dismisses her, wonder how Anne feels about getting involved with him. Payback for her disloyalty? Kate and the magistrate meet for the first time and you can smell the interest bubbling between them. He questioned Quigley about Charlotte’s death and she is having a hard time getting people to believe that she actually didn’t have anything to do with Charlotte’s death. The real culprits are being defended by Emily who is only thinking of herself and keeping the money coming in. Didn’t end so well for Emily in the last season, wonder what will happen this time. Emily is trying her best to be by Hal’s side no matter what and won’t listen to rhyme or reason in regards to what he is about. He does seem like he doesn’t exactly have it all. But it all begins to fall apart before it can even start. Emily loses her cull and the Pincher brother’s lost their deal with Jonas last episode.

Now, I know that I have said that the show has been a little lopsided but all of Lydia’s plans work. She is back in company, albeit unwillingly, with Harcourt to give Kate to the Prince so he can be governor for him. Quigley is not sure whether or not to trust him but he doesn’t really give her a choice. So she sends Kate off with the devil for money and Mrs May promptly takes the money from her. May sends Quigley to get a dinner of fish and ends up choking on a fish bone and Quigley let’s her die blaming her for how she is. Now, that May is dead, Quigley takes over everything that May has her hands in which included Golden Square and the second battle of the bawds begins. Quigley soon learns what happened at Kate’s meeting with the Prince. Cherry comes back into Quigley’s service and is immediately put to work teaching Kate how to be vulgar.

Lucy finally learns who she really got into bed with on Golden Square. She learns that there is a 3rd investor in her business. As usual she is taken advantage of and she never learns her lesson. But Lucy knows it all and she always knows exactly what she is doing. But also realizes that there is nothing that she can do about it now, all her money went to Golden Square and her name is on it. Elizabeth Harvey stops by to talk business with May and finds out she is dead and thinks that they are free. But we know Quigley will go to any lengths to get Golden Square back. Not one to give up, Quigley works with Chrry to try and get Kate to be more of what the Prince needs and learns that Maggie is back in town. Based on her reaction Maggie is now part of the plan to get what she wants.

Another little tidbit that happened in the show, not really important but I guess it is somewhat worth mentioning is that Harcourt and Anne have a baby. All those months of living with him she has a son for him. Isabella also meets him and Harcourt brags and makes a couple snide comments to Lady Fitz about her own daughter. Which is also his daughter but he doesn’t know. I wonder if he will ever find out.