In this episode we return to Storybrooke, not very triumphantly. Unless you’re Hades.

Hades and Zelena get back and Zelena goes off to find Regina and the others, leaving Hades in charge of unnamed baby. Because that’s totally an awesome idea? And then King Arthur turns up. I had totally not forgotten entirely about his existence in this series. Seriously, he stumbled out of the woods towards Hades and I genuinely took a moment to remember who the hell this guy is. Or… was, considering Hades immediately snaps his neck. For… some reason that was probably important to him. But the main point seems to be to get Arthur into the underworld so they can initiate the world’s most awesome bromance. Hook and Arthur, bros for death. So Hook enlists the newly dead Arthur for his own personal Holy Grail quest, to find the pages that Liam took from the story book. Something to which Arthur reluctantly agrees.

The pair head to Hades’ throne room/dungeon (“Depending on his mood”) and start to search. Being a former king, Arthur figures out that the pages are hidden in Hades’ throne as it’s the one place no one would dare touch. They also talk about unfinished business and Hook tells Arthur that he cannot move on while Hades is still a danger to Emma.

They return to the blind witch’s diner to confront Cruella who tells them that she’s destroyed the phone booths that she ripped out and the story book is hidden in the river of souls.

Hook and Arthur go to retrieve it and are attacked by Inferi who take the book but Arthur uses fire in order to destroy it and hook grabs the book before it goes in the water and is lost. He places the pages back where they should be in the book and hopes that the magic will send the pages to Emma.

Meanwhile, Rumple goes to Maurice, who refuses to wake belle until Rumple is out of the picture for good. Which is harsh but does kinda make sense. Emma interrupts them to ask Rumple how to destroy Hades.

Emma goes to the library and very reluctantly joins in searching the books for ideas. While she’s doing so the story book appears beside her. She opens it to a page of her and hook and -upset- puts it to one side. Unhappy at being disregarded, the book magically flicks itself open to show her the pages that Hook gave her.

Zelena and Hades have holed themselves and the baby up in the mayors office where Hades is using his magic to repair the Olympus crystal so that he can use it to take over Storybrooke. I don’t actually know what the Olympus crystal is but it’s dangerous, belonged to Zeus and is broken because without his heart beating, Hades wasn’t powerful enough to repair it. Something that Zelena doesn’t actually want. Also this crystal is conveniently the only thing that can actually kill him.

He fixes the crystal as Emma starts trying to break through the protection spell that they’ve put up. Zelena goes out to confront her while Hades decides to search for anyone else, knowing the heroes rarely work alone. Completely separately, Regina and Robin have broken into the office using secret tunnels so that they can rescue robins baby. They go into the office and Hades comes back. Threats are made and Hades tries to use the Olympus crystal to destroy Regina, except Robin sacrifices himself for his love, taking the full blast from the crystal in the chest. He turns to Regina and his body crumples to the ground, leaving his spirit behind for a brief moment before he’s gone. And thus my heart broke.

Zelena returns with the pages that she has taken from Emma during their discussion on the front lawn. Hades gives Zelena the crystal and tries to convince her to use it to destroy Regina while Regina pleads with her sister, telling her that Robin’s sacrifice is what true love looks like. Zelena realises that as much as she loves Hades, she’s never going to be enough for him and she stabs him through the heart with the crystal. Hades disintegrates into dust. One of the Big Three of the Greek Gods finally killed by the Wicked Witch of the West.

With Hades gone, Hook is now able to move on. He has helped to defeat the threat and the archway ahead of him and Arthur opens into a glowing white light. Hook offers Arthur the chance to move on with him but Arthur declines. He explains that he was prophecised to fix a broken kingdom and for a long time had presumed that meant Camelot but has now come to realise he could do a lot of good helping the Underworld to be how it once was. The pair say goodbye (splitting up the glorious bromance) and Hook walks into the light.
He emerges into a long corridor and there is a man there. Zeus. Right at the end of the series, we finally meet Zeus.

Okay so if you’re going to claim that Zeus is the older brother of Hades, here’s an idea. Don’t cast someone who is twenty years younger, and looks it, to play him. I know it’s a little thing but Zeus does NOT look like Hades’ older brother. Unless he’s actually been eating his ambrosia instead of cutting down the tree to be spiteful towards people. I still don’t understand how that worked.
Zeus tells Hook that he’s there to escort him to where he belongs and they walk off together.

Back in Storybrooke, Emma puts a flask on Hook’s grave before moving off to attend Robin’s funeral. Everyone places an arrow with a rose twisted around it on Robin’s coffin. Regina and Zelena decide that the baby girl should be named Robin, which I like. Though it is slightly reminiscent of Snow and David naming their son Neal after Bae dies.

Emma stays behind to say goodbye to Robin alone and there is a noise and light from behind her. Zeus has taken Hook to where he belongs and that place is in Storybrooke with Emma. They share a bittersweet reunion at the side of Robin’s grave before walking off.

Meanwhile, Rumple takes a piece of the Olympus crystal out of the pile of Hades-dust still on the office floor. Whatever he wants it for, I don’t think it’s going to be anything good. Particularly not with the final episodes coming up next week.