Following, what I thought was nearly a perfect episode, this episode of Cloak and Dagger did not quite live up to the pacing and emotional pull of episode 9, but it was only a half step back. Picking up where the last episode left off, with Tyrone having fallen unconscious, it opens with Tandy reaching out to Evita for help believing that her Voodon skills are what Ty needs to heal him. Tandy tells Evita and Brigid that she thinks Ty has fallen into the shadow world where Mayhem has been, which leads to Brigid accompanying Tandy into the shadow world to save Ty.

Once inside the two are separated as Tandy seeks to help Ty defeat a video game that seems to represent their battle against the evil forces.


Ty’s argument that this type of battle is much more straightforward than what they have been facing holds him in the shadow realm and on the brink of death. As the “game” continues, it becomes clear that Tandy is being tested as much as Ty as she has to face the fears that her experience with Andre.

Brigid finds her other half, Mayhem and the two work to find common ground. They talk about shared memories of childhood and the different perspectives from which they seem them. Ultimately Brigid admits that they need one another to be the most helpful to those around them.

In the real world as she keeps vigil over Tyrone’s body, Evita learns through her use of Voodon, that Auntie was dead and then comes face to face with her ghost. She is given a difficult choice and told she must make a decision that will save Tyrone, but also cause her to lose him.

Ty’s mother, Adina, finds Father Delgado at a recovery house to seek his help in bringing down the corruption in the city. During her encounter we also find out how her interaction with Conner ultimately ended.

This episode did a nice job of setting up impending battle with Andre. We continue to see the results Tandy’s earlier over zealousness in her interactions with her mother and the drawing of the two characters closer together and having to rely more on one another. 4.jpg