Michonne is running Alexandria in every way. She is helping run the town, looking over crops and growth, and watching Judith. Michonne can’t control the urge to be outside, she needs the hunt, so at night she heads out and continues to destroying walkers. One night she sees a walker being hung and focuses on it, she gets surprised by another walker and loses hold of her Katana. In the mad scramble she is able to get a bat and uses that to clean up shop. She leaves the bat outside and heads inside. This reminds me of Joe, “Nothing sadder than an outside cat who thinks they are an inside cat.”

Maggie takes a quick trip to The Hilltop to gather up supplies, she tells Jesus he is doing a good job leading and she will need him to do it some more while she is gone. Her and her escort head to Alexandria, Jesus relays to the bridge camp about Maggie leaving. Jerry tells Rick, who tries to relay the message to Alexandria but it is intercepted by Maggie and Daryl’s plan. Rick wants to get on his horse and head to Alexandria but Daryl offers to take him on the bike. On the way Daryl overshoots the turn off, Rick tells Daryl to pull over. When they park Rick asks what is going on and Daryl tells him he knows what this is and what is happening. Rick says Alexandria was warned and won’t let her in and Daryl says that message didn’t get through, they end up fighting and end up in a huge hole.

At Alexandria Negan refuses to eat, he is playing some hardball to get to Michonne, he wants to talk to her and bond. They bond over lost spouses and Michonne’s lost son. It was a ploy to try to get to see Lucille, which Michonne said is still outside, Negan can’t take it and starts bashing his head in.


Hey look I made a sculpt of a walker. Just kidding it’s a walker. Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

With Jadis and Gabriel, she was going back to her old ways to try to kill Gabriel with a walker. Gabriel talks to her and makes her sorry for herself and at the end she puts the bucket back on the walker and doesn’t let it eat Gabriel. Gabriel wakes up some time later inside a storage container. Inside was a note from Ann that said, “if you want to go fast go by yourself, if you want to go far you go together. I have to go fast.” Gabriel breaks down and cries after reading it.

Back at the hole, Rick and Daryl are having some intense talks, Daryl isn’t upset if Negan dies thinking it needs to happen. Rick says that if Negan dies it was all for nothing, all the other deaths. Daryl lets slip that Oceanside was tired of things and Rick knows now that they were killing the Saviors. Speaking of, the Saviors figured out it was Oceanside that was killing them and they came back to the camp to get revenge. Jed tries to get one over on Carol but that is futile, she gets the upper hand but in the standoff someone sets off a gunshot that alerts walkers in the area.

In the hole Daryl and Rick knows that’s from camp so they try harder to escape the hole, walkers are falling in at a pretty rapid rate. After some tense moments Rick gets out as the hole keeps filling with walkers, Daryl is struggling and Rick tells him to take his hand brother. Daryl takes the leap to Rick’s hand and gets him out. They fight off walkers and get back to the street. Daryl wants to bug out, Rick isn’t ready to give up the camp and bridge, so he gets on the horse that stumbled in the area to lead the walkers away from the camp. Daryl leaves and tells him to be safe, AKA kiss of death! Rick is leading a group of walkers as they hit another intersection where a big group of walkers are coming from the other direction, the horse spooks and bucks Rick off who gets impaled on some rebar! It looks pretty bad as it went through his back and stomach…We know this next episode is his last but it’s still scary to see.