In 14×01, Meredith was unsuccessful in closing up Megan’s abdomen after surgery. She thought she planned well enough, but there just wasn’t enough tissue. We see Megan post-op, crying because of the failure, while Meredith is in the break room, breaking everything she can out of anger. Maggie wants to comfort her sister, but this behavior isn’t unfamiliar to Webber. He comments that Meredith is acting like her mother, Ellis, and that it’s best that Maggie give her some space right now.

mer breaks stuff

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Over at Arizona and DeLuca’s, DeLuca just caught his sister hooking up with his roommate, and the siblings bicker in Italian, confusing Arizona.

Jo wakes up in Glasses’s bed, appalled at herself, and promptly leaves, but not before accidentally stepping on his glasses that are on the floor.

jo leaves

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Owen admits to Teddy that he’s kind of relieved that his sister won’t be able to go back to Iraq yet. He asks if he’s awful, and Teddy says ‘yep.’

Getting ready for work, Bailey stares at a pair of heels. When Ben walks in, asking if she’s ready to leave, she says she doesn’t want to do it — referring to wearing heels. She rants about how Webber and Hunt didn’t have to wear heels, but seeing as she’s a woman…

bailey shoes

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Meredith picks at the wall in her bedroom, while discussing the surgical situation with Maggie and Alex. Even though Megan won’t be able to travel for a few months, Maggie reassures her that the wound will close over time. Alex tells Meredith to stop picking at the wall before they have to ‘replace the whole damn thing,’ which gives Mer an idea. She goes to work and presents said idea to Bailey, Webber and Teddy — an abdominal wall transplant. The surgery has only been done three times before, but it’s a better option than continuing to try and fail to repair what’s already there.

mers idea

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Jackson catches up with April in the morning to talk to her about the thing she said to Maggie (That she can tell Jackson and Maggie like each other). Instead of discussing this, April hands Harriet off to Jackson and asks him to take her to daycare.

Jo marches up and stops behind Ben to tell him about the stupid thing she did. She says that she knows he doesn’t want to be her new Stephanie, but he’s all she has right now. He caves and asks what this stupid thing she did was, and on cue Glasses shows up and hands Jo the ID she left at his house last night. When Glasses leaves, Ben tries not to laugh that Jo had sex with him. Alex, walking by, hears this news, and Jo is worried that she’s hurt him, but he just bursts out laughing.

new steph

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Meredith presents her surgical idea to Megan and her family. Teddy interjected that a lot of soldiers have this kind of injury and it would be groundbreaking. Megan seems on board, but Owen and their mother don’t like the idea. Riggs states that they’re scared they’ll lose her after they just got her back. She replies that she’s also scared… and in pain. She’s been faking it well because she’s a ‘jokes and silver linings’ kind of girl. She expresses that she was a hostage in Iraq, and now, between her wound and her family, she feels like one again. Meredith makes sure that Megan knows that she doesn’t have to be the one operating, if Megan would feel more comfortable with Webber or Bailey, but Megan says that Meredith is her surgeon. While leaving the room, Meredith tells Webber that she’ll need his interns to help find a donor.

presents idea

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Mer gives the instructions to the sub interns, making sure they know the specifications wanted. When she tells them that they’ll be looking for more of a peach complexion than olive, Glasses questions why it matters. As if anyone would want their abdomen to be a different tone. Candace asks the obvious question — why not check with UNOS? There are no current donors that match. She orders them to search ERs, which makes them feel a little predatory. The intern that finds a match will get to scrub in on the surgery.

Arizona sees DeLuca’s sister talking to Bailey. When DeLuca walks by, she asks why she’s there. DeLuca isn’t sure, but tells Arizona that his sister is an OBGYN. In Bailey’s office, we hear her pitch. When she heard that the chief of surgery at her brother’s hospital was a woman, she thought she might have a chance to progress her study. Basically she wants to do a study based on a woman’s MRI scans before, during, and after orgasm, and possibly develop something similar to Viagra, but for women. Bailey seems uninterested at first, but she looks down at her heels that she’s been annoyed with all day and says ‘Done.’

bailey and sis

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Beau is transported from the peds section to an adult hospital room due to construction. His father asks if Beau can have some pain medication so he doesn’t have to watch his son suffer, but even one aspirin could thin his blood and complicate his impending surgery.

Jackson and Amelia go to Bailey to lash out at each other over their disagreement for Beau’s surgery. Amelia is the chief of neurosurgery and says that Jackson doesn’t get to be a deciding factor over this. Jackson, as an ENT specialist, thinks Amelia is crazy for trying to push forward with this. Bailey, high on feminism, says that Jackson doesn’t get to make this decision for Amelia, as she switches from heels to something comfortable.

comfy shoes

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Teddy, Owen and Riggs make various phone calls to try to contact someone who can help Farouk come to America, but they have no luck. Owen still isn’t on board with the surgery, but they point out that Megan won’t stay in a hospital bed for six months to heal while her son is in Iraq. She’ll end up leaving and getting the wound infected.

phone calls

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The interns present unusable donors for the abdominal wall transplant: a woman who has been dead for three days, someone with a shotgun wound to the abdomen, a man.

not a match

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Alex tells Meredith about Jo hooking up with Glasses. Meredith points out that she probably did it because he’s been avoiding Jo so that he doesn’t have to tell her that he tracked down her husband. Alex says it could be unrelated to him, but from Meredith says that when she slept with George, it had everything to do with Derek.

Ben asks Jo why she slept with Glasses. She tries to pass it off simply as ‘because he was there and he isn’t Alex,’ but he presses farther and finds out that Jo has always chosen bad, violent guys who hurt her. She didn’t think Alex had that in him until she watched him beat DeLuca at the end of season 12. Glasses walks in, asking to speak with her. He found a possible donor for Megan. When Jo hears that the person who finds the donor gets to scrub in, she snatches the charts and approaches the family.

bad guys

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After taking credit for his find, Jo tells Glasses that Meredith wouldn’t have let him scrub in after his last time in the OR. He still feels she owes him an apology. Alex steps in and tells Glasses that, as an intern, Jo doesn’t owe him anything.

After Beau throws up from pain, DeLuca tells Amelia that he doesn’t think this surgery is a good idea, especially since the tumor is benign. Amelia says that although the tumor is benign, Beau’s pain is not.

Ben agrees to be New Stephanie for Jo and he says that he doesn’t think Alex would ever hurt her like that. Bailey, standing at the OR board, walks over to her husband and tells him gently that he doesn’t get to have an opinion on this. Happy to not be New Stephanie, Ben walks off. Bailey tells Jo that she doesn’t have to listen to anyone on this. “You are a powerful woman and you know your own mind… but Karev is a puppy dog, and he wouldn’t hurt a fly unless he thought that fly was hurting you.”

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Megan, Teddy and Owen’s mom confront Owen about his marriage to Amelia. She hasn’t been around since Megan first arrived at Grey Sloan. Megan transitions the topic to say that if anything happens to her, she needs Owen to promise he’ll take care of Farouk, even if that means he has to move wherever. “He is one half of my heart, and you are the other half, and I need to know you’ve got him.” Owen says he was going to storm out of the room, but she made that difficult. Megan claims to have set it up that way, and the whole family laughs.

Later, Riggs comes in the room while Megan is alone, still laughing. He gets down on his knee to propose to her, and Meredith walks in to announce that they’ve found a donor. Cue mega awkwardness.


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Owen tells Amelia that he thinks she may benefit from seeing a psychiatrist. He thinks her behavior may possibly be PTSD from her brother’s death. His family can’t see the good in her, and he thinks it’s because something is wrong. As to be expected, she doesn’t take this well, and leaves for surgery.

owen and melia

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Right before surgery, Jo admits to Meredith that Glasses is the one who found the donor, but Meredith seems impressed with Jo’s sharkiness. From the gallery, Webber continues to make comments about how similar Meredith is to Ellis, their mother. Maggie gets jealous and asks if he ever sits in a gallery with Meredith and talk about how much Maggie is like Ellis. Webber says that he doesn’t, but only because he likes to take credit Maggie.

the gallery

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Instead of taking the normal girl approach of keeping secrets, Ben tells Alex what has been going on: Jo is afraid that Alex will physically harm her one day.

As Meredith’s surgery wraps up, Amelia has DeLuca go steal Jackson for her surgery. She completed the surgery without him, taking the jaw apart, but now she doesn’t know how to put it all back together.

crazy amelia

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Post-op, Megan’s family reveals her new abdomen to her, and she cries of joy. She gives the signal for everyone but Riggs to leave for a minute. In another room, Beau asks if he’s dead because his pain is now gone. They thank the surgeons, and the surgeons leave. In the hall, Jackson reminds them that that was not bravery; it was stupidity and luck. Jackson tells DeLuca that what Amelia did could get her medical license revoked.

new abs

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At home, Jackson asks April if they can talk about what she said to Maggie. April says that they never talk about anything that matters, and loops it back to something that has been on her mind for a while: Montana. She says that Jackson is really good at compartmentalizing, but that she isn’t, and casual sex with her ex-husband is causing her pain. She admits that she thinks she needs to move out.

april crying.png

In the park, Owen kisses Teddy. She gives in at first, but comes to her senses. She’s been in love with him for years, but if they were to ever have a romantic relationship, it can’t start with an affair. She suggests that, for now, they both just remain each other’s favorite people in the world.

teddy and owen

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In a good mood from her successful surgery, Amelia decides to participate in DeLuca’s sister’s study.

Bailey returns home to throw away all of her heels. Her husband catches her and stops her from throwing out his favorite pair by saying that they’re only uncomfortable if she tries to stand up.

bailey ben shoes

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After more Italian bickering, DeLuca tells his sister that he finds it inappropriate that she came to his place of employment to have women masturbate in an MRI. He notices something wrong in one of the scans and asks if it’s one of his friends.

Alex tells Jo that he found her husband, and that he realizes that that was wrong of him to do without her permission. He also tells her that he could never hurt her the way Paul did. He had an abusive father, and Alex would never be that way. Once Jo processes that Alex met Paul and didn’t kill him, she walks over and locks the door to the room so she can hook up with the man she loves.


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Meredith sees Riggs sitting outside and asks why he isn’t inside celebrating with Megan. Megan told him that she doesn’t want to be with him because she thinks he’s still in love with Meredith. Upon hearing this, Meredith promptly walks away.

mer leaves

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Amelia bounces in to see how her scans turned out and sees a scan on the monitor with what she referred to as a ‘beautiful tumor.’ She asks who it belongs to, but neither DeLuca sibling answers, leading us to believe it’s Amelia’s.

beautiful tumor

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Oh snap, the irony of an amazing neurosurgeon being unable to operate on themselves. Didn’t we use this for Derek’s death too? And Burke’s hand? Irony never goes out of style, you guys.

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