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The Good Place – ‘A Girl from Arizona, Part 2’ Recap

Sadness is all around on #TheGoodPlace
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A crisis of leadership confidence plagues the team in the second episode of The Good Place. After The Bad Place’s spy is replaced by Chidi in the experiment, Eleanor and Michael are more determined for realization to hit the humans. With John the gossip, Brent the dartbag, Simone the oblivious and Chidi, the neighborhood architects have major challenges ahead.

They begin with Brent. Self-centered, conceited, ridiculously wack Brent. The guy who thinks he’s untouchable because he “thinks Martin Luther King, Jr. was a good guy.” Eleanor comes up with a Bad Place tactic to jog him to reality. As a giant Princeton tiger terrorizes the neighborhood, massive golf balls rain down, mowing people over dressed in obnoxiously loud orange and black striped suits (Princeton colors), Brent comes to a conclusion: there’s a best place and that’s where he belongs. It’s a mighty blow to the experiment and causes a rift in the team. Janet, Jason and Tahani express doubt that Eleanor will be successful. It’s hurtful to Eleanor and she cedes control to Tahani.

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After Michael gives Eleanor the peppiest of pep talks, she renews her efforts to get the neighborhood shirtheads together. She employs a reward methodology for Brent-quid pro quo is something he can actually understand. With Simone, Eleanor must do one of the hardest things she’s ever had to: put Simone and Chidi in each other’s path. Having Chidi play an integral role with Simone as his soul mate is forking heck for Eleanor…but she soldiers on.

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In the midst of all the goings on, Janet puts a pause on her relationship with Jason. She also gives him some terrible news: Blake Bortles is no longer a Jacksonville Jaguar.

The Good Place is turning into The Sad Place.

You can catch The Good Place Thursdays at 9PM on NBC, on demand or Hulu.

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