This episode begins with Howard getting a Fitbit from Bernadette.  Trying to trick Bernadette into thinking he is actually using the Fitbit, inspires the guys to actually exercise.  They eventually pick fencing as a way to exercise. Unfortunately for them, the class is taught by Barry Kripke, who has no trouble telling them that “fencing is sewious.” There will be no Star Wars, Game of Thrones, or Princess Bride reenactments.  Don’t worry though, when Kripke gets a call, the boys have their fun as if the were all from The Princess Bride (“My name is Inigo Montoya.  You killed my father.  Prepare to die!”)!



He teaches the guys the basic steps, instructing them to use their dominant leg. When Sheldon questions if he has a dominant leg (they are both pretty submissive in his mind), Wolowitz asks him which leg he uses to flush the toilet in a public bathroom? That’s your dominant leg. Good lesson, brought to you by TBBT!

Not only does Sheldon want to learn how to properly glove slap, but he has found the first person to practice on.  Overhearing about Amy and Sheldon’s split, Kripke shows interest and texts Amy, asking her on a date.  He also provides a naked picture of himself.  Obviously, she turns him down.  Sheldon, in rebellion tries to unsuccessfully pick up a lady and her grandmother at a sport’s bar.  Maybe you should save the Pokémon one liners for Comic Con Sheldon.

As Leonard and Sheldon come home, they run into Amy and Bernadette on the stairs.  Leonard and Bernadette leave the two ex-lovebirds to talk.  After a bunch of awkward silence, Sheldon and Amy tell each other that they are both trying to date again, which leads to more awkward silence and sadness.  A hint of Shamy love is still there, yay!

Besides all of this happening, Stuart enlists the girl’s help in why woman are not coming into the comic book store.  After pointing out the breast feeding area (with a camera pointing at it may I add!), and the demoralizing female comics, the girl’s read the online reviews and thy realize (or remind themselves) of the problem, Stuart s a creep!  Surprise, surprise!

So overall, the writers are playing with our Shamy fandom’s hearts.  You really need to stop guys!  For all your Shamy lovers (including me), hope (and pray) for the best!