Episode Synopsis:

After Cece receives an exciting new job offer, Jess agrees to help Schmidt with the wedding preparations, but things don’t go as planned when Schmidt’s dad, Gavin, appears. Meanwhile, Winston and Nick get into a competition over whose job is harder.

The Gang:

Jess, Schmidt & Cece- So D-Day has finally arrived. And that means that decisions are being made for the wedding. Schmidt hasn’t gotten any sleep because he has been stressed about everything that needs to be done. Funnily enough, even though the bride is usually the one making the calls about the details of the wedding, we all know Schmidt is the girl in this relationship. While Schmidt is thinking about the day ahead, Cece lets the gang know that she got the job for the gas station news. The girl that actually got hired for it went missing, so she was the replacement. Sadly, she lets Schmidt know, she won’t be able to help with the wedding planning, so she decides that Jess will be a great person to help Schmidt, even though, Schmidt thinks otherwise. In Schmidt’s room, he gives Jess a flash drive, with all the information she needs about the wedding, so she can take it with her when she leaves to look for chairs, cakes, etc. When Jess is testing cakes, she’s wearing a GoPro, so that Schmidt can see exactly what she’s doing. After much complaining from the groomzilla, Jess decides to take matters into her own hands, and lulls Schmidt to sleep by singing Genie in a Bottle to him. Cece calls later to see if Jess is doing ok, and when she has to go, she tells Jess that she has to go learn Spanish, because she told the station that she could. Typical actor move. You always hear about how actors lie on their resumés. On Jess’s next stop, she goes to a winery. She meets Gavin, who is the owner, and gets really smitten with him. And I gotta say that I really liked Peter Gallagher in this role. He was really charming. When Jess comes back home, she tells Schmidt that things are under control and that she kissed Gavin at the winery. Hearing this, Schmidt totally freak out, because we find out that Gavin is actually Schmidt’s dad! And yet again, yes, to Peter Gallagher, because him and Max could really pull off being father and son. When Cece comes home from the news station, she finds out about Gavin and Jess and is in total shock. Jess asks why Gavin was even on the flash drive, and Schmidt reveals that he was thinking about inviting him to the wedding. All of a sudden, there’s a knock on the door, and who could it be? Well, of course it’s Gavin, because Jess asked him out on a date. After Gavin finds out that Schmidt lives with Jess, Jess has him say a nice message to Schmidt on the GoPro about how he was a bad parent, and is sorry. Schmidt finally comes out of his room and introduces him to Cece and lets him take one of the invitations to the wedding. Lets just hope Gavin keeps his promise, and comes to the wedding.

Nick & Winston- We get some rivalry between the two about whose job is the hardest. Nick and Winston meet up at a bar for their time of eating meat, but when Winston shows up late because of work, the two start fighting with “balls” comparisons about which job is harder, running a bar or being a cop. When Winston gets shown Nick’s office at the bar, Nick shows him all the things that need to be done to keep the place running smoothly and when a bunch of staff members walk in asking about their shifts, Nick lets Winston take control. Of course things turn disastrous, and Winston makes everyone mad. Finally Nick, takes control and shows Winston how it’s done. Since Winston thinks it’s pretty much unfair, he decides to take Nick on a ride along. After being on the job for a while, Nick is sure that Winston’s job is super boring, since nothing exciting is going on, until they get a call. While in the car, Nick freaks out when a homeless looking guy attacks the car and Winston and Aly end up attacking him and handcuffing him. Nick instantly changes him mind and gives in. He says that Winston definitely has a harder job. And thank you to Aly for relaying to Winston that Nick knows that he doesn’t have the harder job, he just wants Winston to see that he’s working hard and that he’s grown. Later, at the bar, Winston walks into Nick’s office and does tell him that he is proud of Nick and what he’s accomplished at the bar. This scene made me really happy because we finally get to see Winston and Nick progress as characters. If you just remember back to season one. Winston came back from playing basketball, tried his hand at several different jobs, and now he’s happy and doing well as a cop. And Nick was a bartender who didn’t really care about his job, and has slowly realized that he could move further up in his career. You go guys!

All in all, I really liked this episode. We got to see a lot of progression in job careers among the gang and we got to see Schmidt interact with his dad, which was cool. Like I said before, I really enjoyed Peter Gallagher in this episode, and I hope we get to see more of him. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for Cece at the news station and Winston and Aly need to just get together already. Their chemistry is too good.


4/5 glasses rating