Better Call Saul Season Finale


Source: Better Call Saul AMC

With the season coming to an end we watch Jimmy go back to his roots. After letting Howard take care of his latest case we see Jimmy meet up with his old friend. Jimmy for years has tried to drop the face of “Silpin Jimmy” to get a legit name for himself. But after the falling out with Chuck has made Jimmy want to return to a familiar place. We see Marco not only accepts Jimmy for who he is but helps him pull off a few old tricks. He see jimmy the happiest he has been in the entire season. Which makes the ending more heartbreaking.

However much in the tone of Breaking Bad, all things must end.  Marco dies during a scam which starts a domino effect. We later see Jimmy wearing Marco ring as he turns down a job of a lifetime and embraces “Silpin Jimmy” much as Marco did. During this season we saw an unformed Saul Good but the ending tells us that Jimmy has taken his first step towards a fully formed Saul.

“Better Call Saul”!