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Flashbacks start off this episode. Bonnie carrying the baby. Then it cuts right to her packing up the house because Laurel has moved out. Not only has Laurel moved out Analise is moving up on her own as well. She is working for Caplan and Gold and has moved into a beautiful apartment too. Oliver is still torturing Makayla and everyone is trying to adjust to new living arrangements and new work arrangements. And even Nate has a new interest in his life. Although I am not exactly sure why he is investigating Bonnie’s child. Frank is also still trying to figure out what is Gabriel’s motive and investigating him as well. But things aren’t going so well with his investigation.

Now it’s back to work on cases but this time Analise is working for a firm instead of for herself. They have a new case and she is feeling some pressure from the company already. Each of the students in Analise’s class are all trying to prove their points and Makayla gets ahead for the case this week. And she feels like she is being attacked because of what she did to her classmate by having him deported. She is feeling guilty and tries to project her feelings onto everyone else for what she did. However she pushes through and they begin to work on the case. Tegan of course is not happy about it and lets Analise know how she feels. But Tegan is not having it and is telling her she needs to leave her alone. So what is the point in Tegan? Is she just a spot filler or is she going to do something great? To soon to tell.

Back to Asher, he doesn’t have the clinic to fall back on and now needs to find somewhere to work and it looks like he is trying to intern at the DA’s office along with Bonnie. He thinks that she will help him, I guess because they used to date and she was there for him before. But instead she basically throws him out, not sure if she is being mean or if she just doesn’t want to help him because she is falling for the DA. So, Asher take initiative and helps the DA Miller with his speech and gets hired on a trial basis, much to the annoyance of Bonnie. For now, he is with the DA.

Once again the gang is back together again, including Oliver. They are using the same old tricks to try and find out some information on the new case they are appealing and Makayla is arrogant as usual. And Analise has to bring her back down to earth and let her know that she is in charge. Now, granted I know that they have all been through a lot, but to me it seems like they are completely ungrateful for the help she has given them. It seems to me that they all blame her for Sam’s death and the trouble that followed. But need I remind you, she never killed a soul only helped them to try and get out of it and stay out of jail. Which she did. But it seems like as much as they accuse her they can’t seem to function without her. She severed ties but still ended up with all off the ones who claimed they hated her. Ironic…

And the work continues. Nothing too special in this episode. More unnecessary flashbacks into Bonnie’s past and Nate digging for more information. Of course Oliver finds some information on the kids in her case and Makayla has to make the decision to let Analise handle it or take it on herself. Makayla concedes but you can see she doesn’t really want too. Needless to say they win their case and the real killer is found, Nanda’s stepson Josh killed his mother to frame Nanda. While the trial is going on Gabriel gets some news about his roommate kicking him out of his place thanks to Frank. But Frank only wants to manuver Gabriel so he can keep a closer eye on him even though Analise told him not too. When is Frank’s character going to grow either he is going to be a good guy or he’s going to be a bad guy. But this in between mess has got to go.

So to recap the show Analise wins her case, Asher finds a job, Bonnie falls in love, and Laurel gets daycare for Christopher. Something is about to blow all that apart but what will it be? What murder will Analise have to cover up today. But low and behold Analise’s has to swallow her pride and take cases that she doesn’t want too. Asher finds out he has a new neighbor.