AHS 1984 has it all, drugs, sex, and a great soundtrack. The first two episodes depict one night of these camp counselors’ lives, and it’s weird to think about how much as already happened. This week’s recap is on episode two entitled “Mr. Jingles.” If you haven’t seen this episode yet, turn on around because there are spoilers beyond this point!

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“Mr. Jingles” Recap

This episode began with Dr. Hopple racing towards the camp to inform Margaret that Mr. Jingles has escaped the mental hospital. After a heated argument, Margaret sent Dr. Hopple on her marry way only for the mental health professional to find herself in Mr. Jingles’ clutches. With the teens on edge, Brooke and Montana shared an intimate moment in which Brooke recalled what should have been the happiest day of her life. During the flashback, Brooke made it down the aisle and said her vows while her fiancé glared at her with a look of intensity and pure disgust. He claimed that she was an adulterous trollop that slept with his best man. In a fit of rage, he gunned downed the best man, her father, and then himself.


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Meanwhile, Margaret told the boys that they needed to “pray the boners away,” which instantly sent them running to the showers. On the haunt down there, Xavier was tackled by Blake, a producer of adult films. Xavier had recently acted in a movie of Blake’s but decided the porn industry wasn’t for him and wanted to pursue a career in Hollywood. The conversation angered Blake; however, he was willing to leave Xavier alone if he found him a new star. Thinking quickly, Xavier ushered Blake to the shower where he would come face-to-face, so to speak, with Trevor’s junk. Observing him through the peephole, like the peeping Tom he was, Blake was blissfully unaware of Mr. Jingles’ presence resulting in ice pick diving from the back of his head through his wandering eye.


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Panning back to Brooke, she decided to sit out by the lake, for some strange reason, and while placing her feet in the water became painfully aware of a floating corpse. Rattled with fear, she made her way for the cabin only to come face to face with the Nightstalker. Adrenalin coursing through her veins, Brooke booked it and managed to escape his clutches with the help of an unlikely friend. The hitchhiker from the previous episode ran in front of the Nightstalker and lost a few of his vital organs in the process.


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Confused, the Nightstalker rushed off and found himself in Margaret’s cabin. The two bonded in a strange yet romantic fashion and it appeared that Margaret recruited a new ally. After the Nightstalker mentions how the hiker emerged to him twice unscathed, it’s discovered that this young man’s name was Jonas and he was murdered by Mr. Jingles all those years ago.


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While Margaret spoke with Jonas, the rest of the team found Blake’s corpse and decided to leave the camp. After hopping into the van and feeling the false sense of security, the teens desperately swerved to avoid a figure that unbeknownst to them was Rita. After destroying the party van, they split the party to find Rita and Trevor’s keys so they may have a chance at escaping. As the two teams attempt to see their respective cores, the doors begin to shake violently before the camera fades to black.


Episode two of AHS 1984 left me with more questions than answers. Why do all of their ghosts have solid forms? Will the Nightstalker and Margaret get together even though they follow opposing religions? Was the Nightstalker really into feet? Overall, all I know is that episode three better grant me answers to at least one of these questions, or I might explode!