I just… okay.

I’m not sure what to say about “Game Night” other than, unlike every other game night I’ve had, I was glad when it was over. I still have zero faith that Nick might *actually* be dead or that this show is capable of moving past a storyline that was old and tired three years ago, unfortunately. Dean said it best: what’s dead should stay dead. Meaning Lucifer. And Nick. And that whole storyline that sucks up time for the much more interesting plot whenever we have to deal with it.

My hope is that after Jack (who has been sulking with his diminished/non-existent soul) broke Nick’s fingers and burned him to a crisp, we can move on and not waste a single frame of the final season on this bullshit. But alas, Lucifer/Nick is the bad penny, so i’m not getting my hopes up too much.

Dean is more Devil’s Trap than Mouse Trap Image courtesy of CW

Game night starts with a kidnapped Donatello and ends with, if the writers get it right, what could be one of the more compelling storylines of the series: Jack becoming the villain we deserve. Because Jack will be a great adversary to the boys and Cas, as I’ve said before. This show is all about family and the lengths we go to to protect those we love, so it’s only fitting that the final season be about saving the newest member, and with him, saving themselves. Or conversely, if and how the Winchesters deal with the possibility that someone they love, the closest thing to a child any of Team Free Will has ever and will ever have, can’t be saved. How do you pick up the pieces when your own family turns out to be the monster? Can you? Should you? This is the shit I have been wanting to explore since Jack joined our grumpy band of hunters.

You might wonder why I’m talking about everything except Game Night and it’s because, I’m not gonna lie, I pretty much checked out as soon as I saw it was a Nick/Lucifer storyline, and no amount of Cas or board games at the bunker (where Cas SHOULD have been) could save it for me.  

Basically, Nick kidnaps Don to trap Dean and Sam so that they can lead him to some Jack and his type Satan-positive blood. Then, instead of putting Nick (and us) out of his misery, they take him on a roadtrip to find Donny. Turns out Donny wasn’t poisoned as the lying piece of shit told them (because he’s a lying piece of shit), but he was injected with Grace. Nick beats Sam to the point that not only does Sam hide in Baby, but also actually has a head wound serious enough to fell the big fella for the first time in 15+ years. Nick tries to summon Lucifer from The Empty (which is apparently super easy now? UGH.) and almost succeeds before Jack stops him, and does the breaky burny thing.

Image courtesy of CW

Meanwhile, Cas and Anael (or as I like to call her: The Angel With The Worst Name) are looking for a way to talk to God. After they chat with Methuselah (who, in a highlight of the episode for me, calls Cas “kiddo”), the two find the Samulet BFF necklace’s other half. No luck finding God, though. Anael then calls Cas out on his real reason for going back to his season five hunt: Cas knows Jack’s soul is gone, and just can’t bear to tell the Winchesters. I’d love to say Anael is super insightful, but “knowing of critical, but upsetting news and not telling your partners”  is TFW’s default setting. They part ways with Cas’s assurance that they’re “not alone” and that’s that.

Image courtesy of CW

After Jack heals Sam’s broken noggin and burns Nick, Mary is rightfully concerned. She tells Jack she’s worried about him and that, had the brothers seen what he’d done, they’d be worried too. For the record Jack, I’m only worried that without 100% certainty that Nick is dead, soap opera rules apply. Jack goes all broody teenager and yells “YOU’RE NOT MY REAL MOM !” (okay not really), but he’s mad and soulless and golden eyed and before we know it the screen fades to black and we hear a tentative “Mary?” And finally season 14 can begin.

In my opinion, this whole season has felt like opportunities wasted, and all I can hope is that we’re turning the corner and getting ready to launch the farewell this show has earned.

What did you think of Game Night? Jack is as salty as the popcorn, but I don’t know where they got Mousetrap… Maybe the bunker was populated by bored middle schoolers in the 90s? Am I being too harsh on Supernatural? Are you still invested in the Devil of it all??