*Warning: These theories are formulated opinions based off of what I seen in season 3, not online rumors, spoilers, or trailers.*

   The season 3 finale of Riverdale was grand, but we were left with a lot of questions. Although, Jughead’s analysis towards the end of the episode was enough to sum up the chaos, there are still some very grey areas left about Riverdale’s bizarre characters. If you’re a colossal Archie comic’s fan who has read all of the comics, congratulations. You get don’t have to join the confused fan club that currently only involves me. I’m relieved that we finally found out who was behind the G&G madness, but I fear for the future of the Riverdale High Students. Their lives have twist and turned in so many ways, I find it hard to believe that they could possibly have a normal senior year, especially after seeing them burn Jughead’s beanie. What seemed to be their happy ending, will now be their rude awakening.

What Happened To Jughead Jones?

As I said in the previous episode review, if they decide to kill Jughead off, I will not be happy. Cole Sprouse does such a great job as Jughead, it’s almost like he was made to be him. We know that Betty instructed Archie and Veronica to burn their clothing as well as Jughead’s hat without his presence. From this I can predict that the four of them are somehow involved in a murder or they fear that they will be pinned to a crime that they didn’t commit. It’s possible that the group of friends didn’t kill Jughead, but instead decided to cover up something that he did. After all, he is a serpent and the gang tends to get violent very often. If Jughead did commit a crime, Betty could’ve instructed Jughead to lay low away from town. Maybe they finally caught Penelope and decided that it was time for her to pay for what she did.


Charles revealing himself as Betty’s alleged dead brother really threw me off because Alice did such a great job playing a brainwashed lost ex-wife/mother. I can’t really tell if Charles really does have good intentions or if he secretly using his mother to get back at her for abandoning him. Either way I hope that he decides to do the right thing by staying on Betty’s good side because she does have a dark side. This season revealed a lot of evidence that Betty has the same capability as her father if not worse. Not to mention the way she roughed up Evelyn. We also saw a little bit of Betty’s dark side in the first two season when her attitude mysteriously changed after putting on a wig and dark outfit. If they do work together to find the farm, it’s guaranteed to not be pretty. Maybe Charles stepping in the picture is a good thing, but we can’t forget it can also be a bad thing because…….it’s Riverdale. I’m really glad that Alice was smart enough to give the twins to Cheryl, but she’s just a teenager, she can’t raise the twins with Toni. Plus she has Jason’s corpse in the house, which is horrific for children to see. I hope that she doesn’t think Jason’s corpse is a way for the children to know their father. Imagine growing up knowing that the closest thing to having a father was seeing his rotting body.

 Hiram and Hermoine Lodge

We know the worst is coming in season 4 since Hiram has protection inside and outside of prison. Veronica think she can outsmart her father, but she has never been even more wrong. I have a feeling that Hiram will do everything in his power to make Veronica’s senior year a living hell. Hiram also hasn’t forgotten about the match that nearly ended as well as the bullet that Archie almost fired one night. Another detail we also have to look at is the passing of Luke Perry who plays the role of Archie’s father. The late actor passed March 4, 2019 so he will not be appearing in season 4. It’s unclear how the production staff will take him out of the show, but I believe that it can be apart of Hiram’s revenge. Putting a hit out on his dad while he’s in prison. I also think that Veronica’s mother will be taken out of the show if Hiram is angry enough to take her out of the equation.


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