Constantine and Sara on DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Constantine and Sara on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. Photo courtesy of the CW, screenshot by Linda Maleh.

It’s been over 3 months since the Legends of Tomorrow midseason finale, but on April 1st, your favorite time traveling superhero team returns with new episodes. Legends is always best when it goes full crazy, with the most out there, over the top storylines and ideas, and luckily, it looks like the second half of season 4 will lean into that, with this midseason sizzle trailer.

The trailer starts off with the Legends talking about how the public looks to the “franchise superheroes” to feel safe – meaning Green Arrow, The Flash, and Supergirl. One thing the Legends aren’t are your classic heroes, but they help save the world in their own way. Cut to some crazy-ass shenanigans that we can looks forward to.

The first place we see the Legends go to is the world of Mexican wrestling, which looks amazing. We also see Sara trapped in a giant floating home goods store, while a voiceover from Constantine implies that he and Sara are in hell. Zari is dressed as a genie at one point, and the Legends perform a Bollywood musical dance number. There’s even a moment where the Legends are all cooped up in an RV with a kidnapped Nixon on their way to Disney World.

We also see some returning characters joining the Legends on their adventures. Ava and Gary, our resident Time Bureau officials make some appearances, as does Mona – the burrito girl/monster caretaker from the first half of the season, who appears in the scenes of the team’s RV adventure. We also see Nora Darhk in bed with Ray. The show has been building the romantic chemistry between the two for a while, but given how stiff and awkward they look in the scene, I’m guessing it didn’t go very well.

Finally, we have the big cliffhanger from last episode, that looks like it’s going to determine the plot of the rest of the season. Last episode, the demon Constantine put back into hell escaped, and is inhabiting the body of Constantine’s ex-boyfriend. In the trailer, Constantine reveals that the demon wants to open the gates to hell, and unleash hell on Earth. So, that should be fun.

The trailer is a hell of a ride, and makes me psyched for the show’s return! It shows just how crazy and creative the rest of the season is going to be.