I hope you guys are enjoying Riverdale season 4 so far because I sure am! So far the mysteries are juicy and so are these teasers that we keep seeing at the end of every episode. As the temptation build, we can only focus on the now which is “Dog Day Afternoon”. I don’t know why this episode is titled that way, but it was definitely by far the most exciting episode to watch because Archie and his friend’s abs were glistening like donuts and Betty finally found the farm. Plus Jughead got settles into his new home at Stonewall Prep.

 The Start Of Riverdale’s Revamp

Fred Andrews inspired Archie to bring change into the community like his father by turning the gym into a community center for children so that they wouldn’t be on the streets. This is why I love Archie’s character. You can see the growth in his personality from season one to now, but one thing is for sure, Archie is a teddy bear, but he isn’t soft. He was especially not soft for the new gang members who entered Riverdale to recruit kids from the arcade to sell drugs. Madd Dog was quick to act violently against these thugs, but Archie assured him that the new community center will be the solution to the children’s problem. To a certain point, this was true, but these thugs were relentless. Archie was forced to put his good guy act in the closet to unleash a can of whoop-ass on all of the gang members. I wish that the producer didn’t cut to another scene once Archie was outnumbered because I really wanted to see how he managed to take on five guys. I’m not talking about burgers and fries.

Welcome To Stonewall Prep

I think the instructor at Stonewall did his best to win Jughead over because the school is actually just as crazy as Riverdale, they just do a great job at covering it up. Jughead was surprised to see Moose back in town attending Stonewall. From what we’ve learned he has had a pretty rough life since departing from Riverdale. I was also surprised to see that he had no concerns for Kevin’s well being or whereabouts. I guess since he decided to get a fresh start, leaving behind past relationships is apart of the process. Moose even got lucky enough to hook up with one of the lovely ladies at school. It was then that it was revealed that moose is actually bisexual. I wonder how Kevin will react when he finds out that Moose is back because he has been pretty lonely since being left behind by the farm. Jughead and Moose’s unison was needed because they have a common enemy who happens to be Stonewall’s biggest prep. Brent has an ego the size of the universe and now is one of my least favorite characters.  The fact that he likes to push Jughead’s buttons and mess with people psychologically is just sickening.

Always A Lodge

I agreed with Hiram in this episode when he told Veronica that she can change her name, but she won’t be able to wash away her sins or the fact that she has the Lodge name in her blood. The origin story of the Lodge name was actually built off of the shame that Hiram felt from his father’s name. Nevertheless, Veronica stuck to her word and changed her last name to Luna which is the exact name Hiram was ashamed to carry. I have a newfound respect for Veronica because I can see that she is trying to be a better person despite her circumstances.  I also respect her a little more because she doesn’t surrender to her father anymore. Anytime he thinks he has outsmarted her, she counters it. It’s true that she has the Lodge blood, but she has the Luna heart.

The End Of Edgar Evernever

I thought that Betty and Charles wouldn’t take down Edgar until later on in the season, but I was shocked to see it go down on this episode. Edgar smelled a rat in his cult and began to cut the fingers of his members until Alice finally confessed. I wondered why after all of this time of being with his members did he just now feel like someone was a mole. Alice did a great job of pretending to be brainwashed, so it confused me. I was also surprised that Betty managed did most of the dirty work on her own until she retrieved her mother. Betty has shown that she can hold her own without Jughead because she is courageous and always has a bobby pin in the case of a life or death situation. It was Alice who fired the last shot that took the big man down. Also, that Rocket and his outfit looked ridiculous haha.

There’s A Third In The House

Cheryl seems to be holding up pretty well thus far thanks to the presence of Jason, whom she keeps away privately in the Chapel. Looking at his corpse is pretty cringy and I’m still wondering how Cheryl is able to tolerate the smell of a rotting corpse. While she is hiding this secret from everyone, Toni began to worry about Nana Rose and the Twin’s welfare while they finish out their senior year, but Cheryl insist that they don’t let any outsiders into their household. I’m worried that If Cheryl can’t let go of Jason’s physical body that she will never be able to get closure and Jason will never be able to rest in peace. More questions began to arise when Nana Rose said that she saw the triplets in the fire. What triplets? Is there a third?

Rating: 5/5

I rated this episode a 5/5 because the farm is finally no more. No more finger chopping, Organ selling, and brainwashing. It’s time to venture off into a new mystery. Betty was unfortunately born into a scary situation, but it’s so much fun to watch. I hope that we will get to see more character development like we’ve seen from Archie and Veronica. I also rated this episode a 5/5 because of Archie’s scenes of course. I loved the idea of Archie becoming this Avenger for kids because he is the perfect role model for children in unfortunate circumstances. He’s been in prison, he’s been attacked several times, and a bear nearly killed him, let’s not forget that. And he still came out on top. Even though his mother probably won’t see him as successful for staying in Riverdale to make it a better place, he’s already successful. I hope to see a new mystery and hopefully a new beginning for Riverdale thanks to Archie.

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